I stitch, therefore I am.

Sure, it’s cliche, I admit it. But when I think back, I can honestly say, I do not remember the last time I wasn’t stitching something. Admittedly the high school years and beyond get a little fuzzy, but since I was a dedicated cross stitcher in college and I knew how to do it before I got there, I’m pretty sure it started well before even high school. So I know I’ve been stitching for most of my life and I think it’s safe to say I don’t plan to break the habit any time soon.

While I’ve been stitching for much of my time on this earth, what it is I’m stitching has changed over the years. When I was little I learned to crochet (badly) and knit (worsely- trust me, it’s a word, just go with it) and occasionally attempted to sew (there’s not a word for how badly that went, I won’t even make one up). Cross stitching took hold for quite a number of years and while I enjoyed the end result, I can’t say that I truly enjoyed the process. Apparently, counting just wasn’t my crafting strong suit. I spent as much time unstitching as I did making actual progress on many a project. But it was portable enough to do in a dorm room. Yes folks, my best friend and I sat in our dorm room and cross stitched. Often. I think we knew we were weird but it didn’t occur to us to care.

My stitching habits really took hold after college. That’s when I discovered quilting. Oh how I love the quilting. Mostly I do things the old fashioned way, by hand. Turns out me and those new fangled gadgets that plug into the wall (I think most people call them sewing machines) and I do not get along. At all. We just don’t. I’ve tried but I have no patience for the thing. And I have a great machine as new fangled electric gadgets go. A couple of years ago, though, I found one of the true loves of my life- Tess. She’s my great grandmother’s treadle sewing machine and she’s a beauty! We have spent many happy hours together. Last year we added Abigail to our family. She’s an 1896 Singer hand crank machine. Also a champ in my world. We haven’t spent as much time together as Tess & I, though, mostly because about 2 years ago I got bit hard by another bug- knitting. This one’s revisiting an old friend but learning how to do it properly & with gusto. So know I am a prolific knitter of socks who occasionally dabbles in quilting.

It turns out I can finish socks in a hurry. This is not the case with quilts. Even if I can make the top in a hurry, I don’t machine quilt so the finishing process is years in the making. Since I am an excellent started but not such a great finisher, I hit a wall and the only answer ended up being socks. I can knit a sock from start to finish in under a week! And OOOOH the patterns. And they yarn! Oh they’re lovely. It satisfies my need to stitch, my desire to fondle pretty fiber and produces a useful end product. All, in all, a very satisfying endeavor, I’d say!

So there you have it. I’m a stitcher. And I think most would say I’m a little twisted. Hence the title of this little blog thingy. What I’m hoping to do here is journal my projects as a way of marking my progress, both literally in terms of what I finish and figuratively in terms of learning my crafts and growing my skills. I expect there will be a good bit of random thought throw in for good measure and, since I’ve also recently acquired my first “big girl” camera, you’ll (well I’ll, lets face it, I don’t expect much of an audience) probably see lots of pictures, too. Expect a lot of kitten pictures. They are the most photogenic living creatures in my house. And they’re just plain fun. So wish me luck. Maybe this time I’ll actually manage to chronicle my life in stitches for the long term. Or not. Remember how I said I’m good at starting but not so much at finishing? Holding your breath for more is probably ill advised…


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