I LOVE this sock

I do. I love this sock. Actually I love it’s mate just as much. Not because it was the best yarn I’ve ever knit. Not because it’s the best pattern I’ve ever seen. Not because the colorway and the pattern are particularly complimentary. In fact, they turned out to be much the opposite- way too much striping in the yarn to show off the intricate pattern. Nope, I don’t love these socks for any of my usual reasons. This pair is different. This is the pair where I finally got it!

I’ve been knitting socks for the better part of 2 years now. I dabbled a little in foot sweaters before that but it was September of 2009 when I decided I wanted to knit real socks. The kind made of real sock yarn, not the $5/skein worsted weight I could get at Michael’s, the honest to goodness fingering weight, tiny tiny needle kind of yarn I’d heard about but never tried.

Let me tell you, there was sticker shock at first. I couldn’t believe I was going to spend nearly $2o for something that I’d eventually wear on my feet of all things. FEET! Really! I HATE feet. I’d be happy as a clam if I could eliminate feet from the world all together. But it turns out I learned very quickly not to worry about how much the yarn cost so long as I could knit it into something to cleverly hide the abominations at the ends of my legs. SO I bought my first skein, a Misty Alpaca in an all together TOO bright multi-colorway that I still love- the sort of yarn that goes with nothing so, therefore, you can wear with anything. And in that skein & that first set of teeny tiny needles a new passion was born.

Fast forward 2 years and we get to the sock that made it all click. I discovered a few months back that I enjoy cables. Like most every other craft technique that once scared me so I forced myself to try, this one is a keeper. So much fun twisting stitches to form new patters with texture & shape. Love it, but I had to follow the pattern, do a lot of frogging when I’d mix up my right & left twists, that sort of thing. But with this sock , it all came together. I understood what the symbols on the chart were doing. Not just how to make the stitches, that part was easy, but an actual, honest to God epiphany as to how to manipulate the yarn into these curves & twists.

Part way through the first sock, I found I no longer needed the pattern, I knew what was coming next by what I just did. I’ve memorized patterns before so I knew that was possible, but this wasn’t just a simple 4 or 5 row repeat, it was 20+ with every row doing something different than the row before it. And with understanding came another phenomenon- no 2nd sock syndrome rearing it’s ugly head! I was just as excited to start sock #2 as I was to finish sock #1. Now, I’d be lying if I told you that enthusiasm lasted the whole sock through; kittens, reenacting and an exceptionally busy run in August meant it took weeks to finish the 2nd sock and by the time it was done I was well and goodly sick of the purple cabled twists & turns but I still love the socks because I finally get it!


3 responses to “I LOVE this sock

  1. This made me snort for an extended time.

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