Knitting Ahead Season

As the calendar rockets toward Labor Day, I find myself wondering where the summer’s gone. I am in no way prepared for another long “cabin fever season” (I still refuse to use the “W” word.). I’ve hardly finished any socks this summer! This is knit ahead season and I think I’m only 3 pairs done. How has this happened?

I blame the non-existent spring, really. It was somewhere near late June before I could even safely break out the short pants, which means I was still wearing the long pants which, therefore, means any completed socks found themselves immediately in the rotation, unlike “normal” springs where the short pants come out a month or so earlier and knit ahead season starts on schedule. This knit ahead season was further hampered by one big project and three small additions to the household.

The big project is the sweater we shall not discuss. Knit it, skeptical the whole time that it would be the wrong size, confirmed that it is, in fact the wrong size, thankfully too large but this means I am harboring much resentment toward this, my first sweater. Still haven’t decided if I should frog the whole shmear & start over or just continue to harbor extreme resentment and give it dirty looks every time it surfaces. But enough about that, we aren’t discussing the sweater, remember?

The three small additions came in the form of kittens who were born on our back porch & abandoned by their mommy so we’ve been bottle feeding them since they were an hour old. Started with six, one was snatched in a midnight raid, two passed away in their first few weeks and three remain.


Lily, Bubbles & Spike have brought great joy, but have also eaten into my knitting time in a big way!  Since we’re done with 2A.M. feedings and the intense care neonatal kittens require, we’ve settled into a more normal routine and I get more knitting done, but let me tell you, knitting with three curious beasties is still a slow go most days!

So alas, here I sit on the precipice of Cabin Fever Season with only 3 pair of socks completed. Luckily #4 should be off the needles in a day or two so, while I will have a start on pair #5, they will not be done before the unofficial end of summer, but here’s hoping since Mother Nature was so stingy with spring that she’ll give us a mild fall and Knit Ahead Season can continue until I’ve gotten at least half a dozen new pair of socks added to the rotation by the time the short pants have to go… Wish me luck.


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