I Knit In Public

There. I’ve put it out there for all the world to read. And what the hell, I’ll even provide proof in photographic form:

There’s me, knitting Christmas Stockings at a Civil War Round Table meeting last Cabin Fever Season


Standing around talking to folks before a band concert last month.

I also knit in restaurants, doctors offices, the lunch room at the office, EAA‘s Airventure, pretty much anywhere I find myself with both a project and idle hands. Turns out I don’t sit still well at all so it’s best for all around me if I keep my hands busy. Further, it’s amazing how much knitting can be accomplished in those few stolen moments. At breakfast last weekend, for example, I knit four rows between placing my order & getting my food. That’s 232 stitches closer to finished. And meant that this:

became the fastest pair of patterned socks I’ve ever completed. I started the first sock Wednesday upon completion of yesterday’s posted Bonsai socks and finished this pair last night. And I didn’t spend all weekend knitting. Very little beyond the usual evening while watching TV time slot, in fact. So yay me! I’m getting quicker at this knitting business! And now I’m +4 this Knit Ahead Season!







2 responses to “I Knit In Public

  1. I used to knit- in a past life, 🙂
    Now I do a whole lot of nothing in the creative world. Oh, I have all the stuff, just not the drive.
    BTW, love your people powered machines- I’ve gotten on board with that!!!

    • I’m having a hard time finding my sewing mo-jo (Damn you, Mark Lipinski & your Pickle Posse. You stole my mojo) but the knitting thing is filling the time nicely. Satisfies my need to keep my hands busy & I still have a practical end product. All’s well!

      As for the people powered machines, they really are the way to go. They can’t go any faster or slower than I can at any given time. We work well together that way!

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