Third Time’s the Charm

The Jawoll Magic has been banished to time out land as promised. I tried to convince myself I could work through the hair ball & make it work, then I pulled the tangled mess out of my project bag after dinner last night and decided no way, no how. I’d spent enough time on the bad skein and I wasn’t going to do it anymore. Just to make sure I was cleansing myself of it’s bad juju (surely it was the yarn and nothing to do with the knitter, right?), my pretty purple project bag  was forced into a time out with the skein. A total fresh start was in order. Lest my purple bag worry, I’m sure she will find herself back in my good graces very soon. The same will NOT hold true for that yarn.

So I broke out the new RED project bag & hit the stash…  Decided it was time to break out one of the flats I picked up on clearance at my LYS a while back. Surely Happy Choices will produce happy knitting, right? It seemed like a wise choice at any rate!  So I cast on for the third time in 2 days. I WISH it was because I was such a speedy knitter that I was truly on my 3rd project, but alas, I am not. For the progress I’d made on the first 2 attempts with the bad skein, I could have at least turned a heel & been on the way up the leg (I’m a toe up sock girl, in case I hadn’t mentioned that previously) by now. Instead I’m half way through the 2nd repeat of a pattern I shall call Vanilla Twist if it proves that my choice was, indeed, happy, and this sock makes it all the way through to pair-dom. Here’s hoping the damned pretty thing fits after all this…  If not, it’ll get time out status, too…

wish me luck…


2 responses to “Third Time’s the Charm

  1. Good luck!

    I love it — I think I will have to adopt time-out status for some of my projects 🙂

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