Breakin’ the rules

Whose rules, you ask? Why, my own, thank you very much.

I’ve already confessed that I knit in public so that one’s out of the way but there’s another secret (or not so secret, if you know me)… I am an awesome starter, but I definitely may, perhaps, suck at lack in finishing skills… This really isn’t a new revelation, I’ve known it for years. It is likely definitely the reason I haven’t done much in the way of quilting… I start but I don’t finish… My UFO list, just off the top of my head-

  1. Flowers for Mackenzie (needs more hand quilting,  I’ve been working on that for about 4 years)
  2.  Our wedding quilt (needs more hand quilting. We’ve been married 11 years)
  3. Chocolat squares (needs more hand quilting, been working on it for about 3 years)
  4. William Morris Applique (4 or 5 blocks hand appliqued, 30 or more to go. Been working on it for at least a year and a half)
  5. Flannel crazy quilt (needs about 24 more blocks pieced then assemble the whole top to the point of tying)
  6. 5 or 6 finished tops that need quilting. (Lets not hold our breath)
  7. Friendship Triangle Exchange (I started piecing it this weekend, it wouldn’t take long if I wasn’t distracted by knitting)
  8. Civil War Homecomings (a kit I bought about a year ago, have about 1/3 of the blocks pieced. Nuf said)
Like I said, that’s just the short list. So where am I going with this? Well, this is how I got to knitting… For several years now I have realized that I need the satisfaction that comes with finishing  which meant I needed to do something in addition to quilting. something portable because, as I’ve also mentioned, I don’t sit still well, so I need something to work on at lunch, in the car, watching TV, that sort of thing.  First I tried card making & stamping. It satisfied my inner quilter- piecing stamps, embellishments & different papers together to form little paper quilts, but it definitely lacked in portability. 
Enter sock knitting. This one stuck. For 2 years and counting I’ve been turning out finished products every couple of weeks! HUGELY exciting. But, given my nature , I knew I needed more discipline at this one. So I promised myself ONE SOCK AT A TIME . (Yeah, I probably should learn how to do them 2 at a time but the kittens make it challenging enough to knit with one ball of yarn at a time! 2 sounds like more of a fiasco than it’s worth.)  For the first year I was pretty successful. One project at a time worked well. Helped to avoid the dreaded “second sock syndrom” if I only had one pair going at a time. Then reenacting season hit and I realized I needed to make an exception. I couldn’t knit on my favorite circular needles with my favorite hand painted yarns and pull off any reasonable measure of authenticity. So the first exception to my first rule of knitting was granted.
I did OK with only this single exception for a few months. I could work with it. But then I decided to knit Christmas stockings for grandkids and, again, colorwork is not commuter friendly. So I had a simple sock to take to work, a stocking at home, and a sock in the reenacting basket. Still, I did OK. I was very dedicated to the stocking project and they went quick. I knit 5 of them in about as many weeks. Worked on the sock at work and was soon back to just the 2 projects. Victory, right?
Well, this summer threw me off. I started a sock that just wasn’t inspiring me. At all. Don’t love the yarn, bored with the pattern, just not really grabbing me. So this brought about exception #2: Car knitting. Any smart knitter keeps a sock in the car for those times you just don’t want to follow your dear husband into the hardware store, right? Yep. I can justify darn near anything if given enough time. So now I’m up to the reenacting sock, the commuting/tv watching sock & the car sock. Oh wait. It’s actually 4. Last year’s reenacting sock is unlikely to fit, well, anyone, so I started a new one this year. Last year’s has been relegated to the time out pile.  So 4. But I was ok with 4. One sock getting my immediate attention, 2 socks getting situational attention, another we don’t talk about because it’s in a time out.
Then I went to the LYS last night. For sock blockers. I swear. I just went for sock blockers. I need them to take decent pictures so I can blog ’em and keep track of my progress as a knitter. And besides, I walked in the door about 30 seconds before closing time so I wasn’t going to browse for anything because I was already being mean to Piper by making her stay open late… Then she did it. She showed me the new stuff. And from that, this was born:
You gotta understand… It’s PACKER yarn! And the World Champion Green Bay Packers are but one week away from kicking off the ENTIRE NFL season! My feet NEED these socks. NOW. For the tailgate party I’m putting together at work next Thursday. Seriously. It’s not even a question. How dare you suggest there is???
So, alas, Vanilla Twist has been cast aside (cast. HA! I think I made a knitting punny) for this, the most glorious sock of all time. The Game Day Sock. By the end of the preseason game last night I’d perfected my first original lace design & got 2 pattern repeats done. This morning I charted my corrected pattern & I’m about to start the gusset. Think the 4 day weekend will be enough to get me far enough along to have a pair by Thursday? I don’t know either but I best get knitting to find out…. Plus I gotta go buy more of this year.
Yeah. I know. I’m hopeless. But I’m fun!

3 responses to “Breakin’ the rules

  1. As far as I’m concerned, not completing a hand quilting project is entirely justifiable. It’s so $%^&$ slow. I have a lap quilt that I decided to partially hand quilt. It’s rapidly turning from a work in progress to a UFO. Sigh.

    • I’ve done it before… I know I can do it again. I think I just lack motivation, especially knowing there are other projects I can finish much quicker!

  2. This made me laugh! I needed that. So many projects. So little time.

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