47 hours

48 would have sounded more poetic, I think, but screw it. 47 hours is what it took so 47 hours is what I will report. 47 hours for what, you ask? That is how long it took me to finish the Best Sock EVA! This is a new cord for me and one I find particularly impressive since I created the pattern ant it took a fair bit of correcting in order to get it right. Frogged 10 full rows at one point… So as of right now it’s looking like the game day socks will be ready inn time for kickoff.I’d post a picture to brag to the world but, frankly, I don’t want to waste the valuable time it would take to get out the camera, take the right picture, upload it and post it here. So you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see a picture. I’ll show you the progress on the second Best Sock EVA,too. So far it’s a toe.

Should I mention I was knitting at the Sheboygan County Fair this afternoon or do you suppose I should just keep that little tidbit to myself?

Back to knitting…


One response to “47 hours

  1. Knit! Knit for all your worth! You’re almost done with plenty of time to spare!!!

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