We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Knitting Frenzy

To bring you this:

Oops.  I thought I was being naughty when I popped into the LYS for sock blockers and ended up with a new skein of yarn. This was actually a bigger “accident”.

It started innocently enough.  We learned on Friday that the local Sears Hardware & Appliance store is closing so they’re clearing out all their merchandise. DH stopped in and procured a few things, thought there were a few others I should take a look at so we decided we’d go today. I went to look at vacuums. I swear. It was vacuums. I had a Kirby that I finally found a reasonable excuse to get rid of- my BFF’s vacuum developed the rather inconvenient habit of losing it’s wheels. I have $500 worth of carpet and a $2,000 vacuum. There just aren’t enough holiday dinners that require vacuuming to justify this imbalance. So I gave her the vacuum and decided I’d make do nicely with the cheap vacuum in my sewing room for the 4 or so times a year I actually use the damned thing. So of course it makes perfect sense that I’d go looking at new vacuums a week after unloading the Kirby!

Turns out I was right on the vacuum- I’m just fine with the little green sucking machine I have downstairs. But I started eyeing up the stoves. For a long time I’ve coveted the double oven ranges. Seems positively spectacular, set 2 different temps rather than going to the trouble of recalculating cooking times so that everything can bake at one temperature. So I saw one I liked but I didn’t love it. What I loved were the 2 that hadn’t sold yet with the oblong 5th burner. I can see real possibilities… The griddle for making pancakes…. The stock pot that’s sure to get a good workout come cabin fever season… Did I mention the one I liked best also had the coveted convection oven? Cuz that’s what did it. Convection AND the cool 5th burner…  We’re talking kitchen nirvana here people.

The only hang up was the price… Appliances are 15% OFF currently and there was a little tag advertising the regular price and the discounted, here’s how much you’re saving price. Makes perfectly good sense except for the part where the regular price wasn’t remotely close to the price on the actual sticker on the stove. By almost $400. As in the price of the stove according to the sticker was $400 MORE than the price on the sign before the discount. So we asked. And the clerk checked. And she came back and said that they had, in fact, mis-priced the sign on this particular model. So I got my brave on and asked if they would honor the mis-marked price since it was, after all, their error. So she checked with the manager and, in fact, they would since we caught the error. So I pretended for a few minutes that I was actually contemplating when I knew darn well I was not passing this deal up. $1900 worth of stove for $1200? Convection oven? 5th burner? Oh yes. She would be mine…

So the second Best Sock Eva was cast aside for most of the day so that I could clean my kitchen & move the newest member of the household in. Cuz you know there’s no waiting for delivery on this sort of accidental purchase. It must come home & be installed immediately for the rush that is instant gratification. So far, so good. I think I’ve tested nearly every major function- used the 18,000BTU burner to bring a big pot of water to a boil, just to see how fast I could do it. Used the convenient preheat button. Baked a pan of brownies, roasted a pork tenderloin & potatoes using the convection setting and made a kettle of tomato basil soup on the “regular strength” burner. Oh and I used the warming drawer to warm this evenings dinner plates prior to serving up the food.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll play with the Sabbath setting. Never mind that it’s neither the Sabbath nor are we Jewish, but does that really matter?

And just to prove that I have done SOME knitting today, I present this: 

Not bad progress considering I just cast on #2 last night. I finished turning the heel whole the pictures were uploading and now it’s time to dive into the leg. Think I can finish it by tomorrow? Or will playing with my new stove impede my progress again?


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