How is it we’ve convinced ourselves that Monday holidays are a good thing?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute of my sleep-in, late breakfast, lazy knitting with kittens on my lap while watching the Top Gear marathon on BBC-America Labor day extravaganza. Could have used four or five more of them without getting the least bit bored, I assure you. But then the cruel bitch we call reality kicked me square in the ass again this morning. Mon-Tuesday… the dreaded work day following a Monday holiday where the calendar says it’s Tuesday but absolutely EVERY other single solitary thing about the day screams Monday. But not JUST Monday, Monday on steroids. ¬†Receptionist on vacation, not one but TWO people call in making you short handed for phone coverage on the day, boss in a mood, everyone needs something NOW kind of Mondays…

On the up side, at least it went fast, the morning that is. It was noon before I’d even finished my Diet Coke. Lunch, as always, flew, what with the reading on the Kindle, knitting on Game Day take 2, delicious end of my balsamic pasta salad, all around good affair, at least for a MonTuesday in the office. The afternoon got a bit draggy, I have to say, but that, too, is to be expected from a MonTuesday, isn’t it? All I can really say is at least THAT’s over.

Now it’s on to stuffed eggplant & more knitting… MUCH better.


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