Victory is mine!

Four days, two socks and three days to spare! I did it! This:

Became a completed pair of socks around 4:30 this afternoon. This is monumental… It means that despite a play date, a new stove and a lot of cooking, I managed 23,248+ stitches (for real, I did the math- well, except for the +. I know I frogged at least 15 rows and a lot of random stitches along the way, including twice completely pulling out the needles, ripping backward and picking the stitches up again. I didn’t do the math on the frogged stitches because, well, frankly, it’s too damned depressing) this Labor Day weekend. I really didn’t think it would happen. I knew I’d be well on my way through one, probably into two, but I was convinced I’d be furiously knitting right up until Kick Off on Thursday night. Instead I can say that in a mere 4 days I completed not ONLY the best socks EVA, but my first original design to boot!
  • Progress on day 1    
  • Sock #1 completed on day 2
  • Lace pattern close up
It wasn’t a terribly complicated lace pattern, either in design or practice, really. But being that I’ve never officially designed my own sock before, there were a few bits of trial and error to be sure. I enjoyed the knit very much, though, so much, in fact, that I’m knitting it again, in a much more boring sedate yarn that will hopefully showcase the design a bit better. Too bad that pesky work thing is going to get in the way of my knitting time tomorrow…

2 responses to “Victory is mine!

  1. Congratulations on your socks! They look great and I’m jealous. Soon I’ll be knitting socks with more than a 2×2 rib 🙂 Ugh if only we didn’t have to WORK and could be alone with our projects all the time! Hope you had fun at the game!! Awesome first design too!

  2. Careful. Socks are addictive. They’ve led me to things like public knitting, wicked SEX(that’s Stash Enhancing EXperience in quilty lingo, I figure it applies to fiber in general), shoe buying (gotta increase the number of pairs that show off the handiwork of course) and, the best part, well dressed feet all winter long… This is key in the Midwest…

    Never been a huge fan of the 2×2 rib, honestly. If I knit vanilla, it’s all vanilla until the 2×2 cuff at the top. I always feel like the purls slow me down. But I don’t do vanilla much anymore, anyway… I prefer some bit of pattern that let’s me count rows without counting so I know when to start the guest, turn the heel, quit knitting the leg, that sort of thing. Did I mention I’m a toe up girl? If you start to feel daring, Nancy Bush’s vintage socks book has some great starter patterns for branching out and they work for men’s or women’s socks for many of em…

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