Happy Kickmas!

Yes friends, it’s the happiest day of the year. Better than Christmas. Better than New Year’s. Better than the 4th of July. It’s NFL Kickoff Night! And this is the best Kickmas of all- MY World Champion Green Bay Packers  are hosting the party tonight! It might actually be better than the Super Bowl!

In honor of tonight’s momentous occasion, I offer the following:

My completed, wear tested and Packer fan approved Game Day socks. Otherwise known as the BEST SOCKS EVA! They made their debut at the office today. Not sure I’m ready to call it sock season yet, but even I am willing to make an exception on office tailgate party day. They went very nicely with my “vintage” Don Beebe jersey. With the Super Bowl Champions t-shirt underneath. What else would a girl wear to the office on Kickmas?

And, since no Kickmas would be complete without a proper, celebratory dinner, I’ll tease with this:

This is, perhaps, my FAVORITE Steinke Family tradition with my own special twist. Since my brother is conveniently allergic to fowl, we had to find a work around so steak became our traditional holiday dinner. For the last few years in my own house, we’ve raised the bar and added crab legs. I’ve decided when served along side the steak, crab becomes a vegetable. Just let me live the dream. So anyway, that was this year’s Kickmas dinner. And it was good.

I had every intention of ending tonight’s post with a picture of my current PhD candidate (you call it a work in progress, I call it a Project Half Done), the semi-solid version of my Game Day Sock pattern, but it turns out I still have a bit to learn about my big girl camera (a Nikon D5100) and the pictures didn’t turn out. Since the game’s on, I have more important things to do than figure out what I did wrong and retake the pictures. So you’ll have to wait until later. For now, I need to scream myself hoarse. I don’t need to talk at work tomorrow. Frankly it’s probably best I don’t anyway.


One response to “Happy Kickmas!

  1. WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to the second version of these socks.

    Haha — i love it – “big girl camera”.

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