Who knew?

I moved to Port Washington darn near 13 years ago now. It’s a nice enough little town, only slightly larger than where I grew up so I feel at home here, but having spent most of my Port Washington years working in Milwaukee, I haven’t honestly spent a lot of time here, all things considered. Sure, we have our favorite spots- The Pasta Shoppe for dinner, the breakwater for fireworks, the restaurant formerly known as George Webb’s for breakfast, that sort of thing, but I’ve not put a lot of time or effort into actually exploring this place I call home. Until I got my new camera.

Now I have a new found desire to find interesting things to take pictures of. Wait, not pictures. I want to take photographs. I’ve been taking snapshots for years but I want to do better. The real impetus for the camera purchase was to FINALLY capture some good shots of the cannon firing. Can’t do it with a point and shoot, the shutter response time is too long, so I upgraded to a big girl camera for the significantly improved shutter speed– I love the sounds of 4 frames per second, not 4 seconds per frame! Added bonus, 6 extra megapixles from the latest point & shoot I acquired. Couple that with a lot more settings to work with and I want to learn… I want to learn how to choose the right settings to catch a great moment in my history. I have a lot to learn but, as I’ve discovered trough my exploits in quilting and knitting, I’m a visual kind of girl. I can read it in a book for days and nothing will make sense, but once I get my hands dirty, the stuff starts to make sense.

So first it was the bluff on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Got a few shots I love, played with a lot of settings and discovered what doesn’t work, that sort of thing, but really a sunny day only provides so much opportunity to learn my camera. Lake Michigan at moon rise, though, now THAT proved interesting. I used the excuse that I got my new camera strap today, a Black Rapid designed specifically for women, so of course I had to test it out. So after dinner (at the afore mentioned Pasta Shoppe of course), we headed for “south beach”, just beyond the power plant, so I could get in a little play time.

Dusk proved an interesting challenge. But I’m learning. Both the camera and how much beauty exists just beyond my door step. I think I’m going to like this new learning experience. Here’s a few of my favorites from tonight.

The kayak launch behind the power plant at moon dusk





The moon rising over Lake Michigan





Playing with ISO settings. Not great, but interesting.


2 responses to “Who knew?

  1. Absolutely love them! You’re doing good work. Love the kayak launch!

  2. Great shots! Keep it up — looking forward to more!

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