When did I get this fast?

I swear, I hate turning heels because it takes FOREVER. The process itself isn’t bad, I rather enjoy it, actually, seeing how a hand full of short rows create a perfect little cup to hold snug to that gawd awful hideous appendage at the end of my leg my foot, how the simple s1k1 heel flap creates a durable fabric that has yet to wear out on any of my hand knit socks. Yep, that part is awesome. Its the time sucking part that negatively affects my project ADD. I know I need to do it. Without turning the heel there is no sock. And I know when the heel is turned, there are just a few more pattern repeats to go and I can start a new project.  Even when it’s just the dreaded second companion sock to a pair, I still get to revel in the intense joy that is starting a new project. But it just takes FOREVER to get through those short rows and the heel flap…

Or does it?  The photo above was supposed to show the freakish progress I made on the torturous second companion sock to my “vanilla yarn” version of my Game Day sock yesterday. Instead you got a crappy cellphone picture of my lunch time table set up (Kindle, knitting, cold all be it entirely boring non-adult beverage, totally normal to have all this going on at once, right? Oh wait, I forgot to include the actual food. Oh well. I’d finished that already anyway) that only shows the very top of the progress. Not the actual, exciting turned heel part of the project. Apparently I forgot how to line up the shot when not using my big girl camera. Oops!

But I digress. The point is, somewhere in the last few months I seem to have gotten pretty quick at this sock knitting business. You see, just yesterday morning, ’round about 8:45 while waiting for the parade to begin, I cast this bad boy on. I only got through the first couple of rounds of the toe before having to take photos of the parade. LOTS of photos of the parade… Sure, I kicked out a few more rows on the first half of the drive home and while waiting for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, but most of the trip home I was too busy watching NFL Red Zone on my phone to be bothered knitting. So I picked it up again once we were home and I was settled in for a full afternoon of NFL glory. Since my team had already locked one up in the W column this week, I wasn’t “watching” watching, I was knitting watching. You know, more knitting, football as background noise? So I knit. I knit through the Bears beating  the Falcons (Damn). I knit through the Vikings sucking an egg to the Chargers (WHOOPEE). I stopped to roast a beast & some veggies, then I resumed knitting through a combination of the Cowboys losing to the Jets (HOORAY) and a 9/11 show on Smithsonian. And before bed, I had turned a heel! This means, as soon as I quit boring you, my 2 readers, with my ramblings, I can carry on with the leg of my sock and by the end of the week, I can move on to something new! Life is good…

And just to prove that the first sock is, indeed done, another crappy cell phone picture… I’ll do better when the pair is mated. Promise


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