I’ve been drinking coffee…

It’s true. I’ve been sucking down coffee recently. I know this seems entirely normal for most of the adult population of the country, if not the world, but if you know me, you know this is odd. Veery odd. The thing is, I don’t even LIKE coffee. Seriously. Two years ago I finally owned up to this. As a cubicle jungle resident, it is stranger to admit you don’t like coffee than it is to tell folks you knit in public or reenact the Civil War. The last two they will give you a raised eyebrow and maybe ask a few questions… The first… You may as well have sprouted a second head. It just doesn’t make sense. It hangs in the air like a fart and you just can’t quite move on from it. But, well, I’m just not like the regular girls.

To make the coffee thing even stranger, I’ve consumed far more coffee in the last week than I have gin. Well, technically I suppose that’s not particularly strange no one drinks gin by the coffee cup full. I guess what I mean is I’ve had more cups of coffee than I’ve had cocktails. Again… Very strange. I think perhaps the universe has shifted off it’s axis and we may be in danger of pigs flying or he’ll freezing over. That being too daunting a thought to contend with (seriously, I have enough on my plate without worrying about making good on all those “when he’ll freezes over” promises), I choose instead to blame it on the change of seasons.

I love fall. It might well be my favorite time of year. I think I’ve covered this before. I love the warm days, cool nights, weekends spent in the kitchen with the oven going for half the day. I love everything about it. But it does something weird. It makes me start thinking about the insanity that is the end of the year at the office. It makes me think about Christmas shopping (something I look forward to with near as much enthusiasm as I do a teaming hot cup of coffee). I start to look forward to sweaters and wearing the socks I’ve created during knit ahead season. Strange stuff I tell you. This year I’m even contemplating a gift list of hand knits and sewn items I can give to those who know enough to appreciate them. I am not this person, I tell you. I don’t plan a to make gift list. I rarely give homemade gifts for goodness sakes! Yet here I am, planning. Plotting. Sipping coffee. Strange days I tell you… Maybe I should have had another cocktail with dinner.


One response to “I’ve been drinking coffee…

  1. Your real age is finally catching up to your quilting age. Now we can talk about all the alcohol that tastes good with coffee.

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