Have you ever tried…

To brush your teeth with three kittens in the house? It doesn’t work. It goes a little something like this…

I admit, the water bowl isn’t usually there, but Spike drinking from the faucet or lapping at the drain is completely normal. And if Spike’s there, Bubbles will ALWAYS want in on the action. Usually to drink, not to nap, but come on, that was an awesome photo op! Lily, well, with her it’s a little more of a guess, sometimes she’ll join the sink party, sometimes not, depends on the day. But really, one, two or three in the sink doesn’t much matter, it’s near impossible to get through the tooth brushing process these days. Today I took my tooth brush in the shower with me…  I won’t even get in to drying my hair…

In other kitten news, I’m happy to report that the kids’ birth mom is doing much better with her second litter. My babies have 4 little brothers or sisters. They are far to skittish to let us get anywhere near them, they typically run if they catch any sight of us, but Mama Puddles has shown them where to find the food & water dishes and every so often we catch a glimps of Inky, Blinky, Pinky & Clyde while I’m getting dinner ready. The other day I was able to get pictures of Pinky & Clyde without spooking them. Very exciting stuff!



And finally, in knitting news, I finished the dreaded second sock mate to my sedate version of my original design.  I present to you, Game Day socks in green:







I am actually quite pleased with how they turned out. I like the lace pattern, it was simple but not boring (evidenced by the fact that I knit four of them in a row!). The first pair was knit with a size 0, these were done with a size 1 and they fit equally well. Probably has something to do with the weight of yarn, really, the Crock o Dye I used for this pair is a little thicker than the Holiday Yarn used for the Packer pair.  Here’s a comparison of the lace pattern with the 2 different yarns:

    The boring sedate is a much better choice to show off the pattern which I knew going in but sometimes I girl needs to make exceptions. Packer socks are totally worth any wasted effort that may have come from a poor yarn to pattern combo, don’t you think?

Sadly, it doesn’t look like it will be long before the Game Day socks in green will be, disguising adorning the hideous things at the ends of my legs feet, either. This morning’s f-ing cold balmy 38 degrees tell me that knit ahead season is about to give way to full blown fall and that means cabin fever season is just around the corner. UGH  I think I need a cup of coffee…



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