I FINALLY did it!

After 13 years of reenacting, all but about the first 2 months with the Artillery, I have a lot of pictures that look like this:

And I have even more pictures that look like this:

But until now, I’ve never gotten one that looks like THIS!

At last… LONG last, the elusive muzzle blast is MINE! Even got it to look kind of artsy through the smoke from a recently fired neighboring gun, don’t you think?

This is a tough shot to get. total crap shoot every time. I know the load procedure. I know the commands. I know the silent drill. I’ve practiced it. I’ve watched it. I could run you through it in my sleep, but I have never landed this moment to film. Either the shutter took too long to fire, I jumped, I forgot to push the button, I pushed the button a split second too early. You name it, I have all manner of missed muzzle blasts, but this shot is a first.  But armed with my big girl camera, I was convinced I was going to FINALLY capture the shot I’ve always missed. And you know what…

I did it twice!

Just think what next season could bring when I actually figure this crazy photography thing out!


4 responses to “I FINALLY did it!

  1. NICE! you had the smoke and the fireball timed just right, that must of been one helluva experience for you to be there 🙂

    • The first one was dumb luck. Quite possibly even had the continuous shutter setting working. The dusk shot was the one I was really going for because it was a much more predictable scenario, single shot salute without a lot of background activity so I was able to time it better but I still thought I missed it at first- that split second is so hard to grab! There are better shots to be had but for my first, I’m rather excited about it. Gonna have to blow that one up for the office wall.

      • It will look great on the office wall and chances are it will inspire everyone else to try too 🙂 it’s all in the timing huh! i’m buying my first DSLR camera in a few weeks for just that reason 🙂

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