And so it begins…


For perhaps the first time in my 37 years, I have elected to undertake the remarkably unwise task of homemade gifting… Remarkably unwise because it adds stress to an already stressful time of year and sets one up for the incredibly awkward “gee, thanks, you made me a(fill in the blank)” moment. You know, the one met with about as much enthusiasm as anything that follows “this will only hurt for a minute” at the doctors office… And still here I am… Not quite sure why I’m doing what I’m doing yet unable to bring myself back from the brink of insanity… God give me strength and plenty of chocolate…

So far the list includes a few pair of socks, a couple pair of mittens, matching hats or scarves several quilted shopping bags and who know what else. The first mitten is under way. Think I’ll come to my sanity before I get past mitten number one?


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