Ten Things Tuesday- The Bucket List

The topic of the bucket list has come up several times in conversations recently so it’s had me thinking about my own.  Can’t say I’ve put a lot of time or thought into major life goals, but today I’ll give you ten things, in no particular order, that reside on my bucket list.

1. See the Statue of Liberty in person.  I’ve seen many of the other American Icons in person- the Rocky Mountains, Old Faithful, the monuments in DC, the Gettysburg Battlefield, etc, but I’ve not yet seen Lady Liberty. It must happen.

2. See a Broadway show actually ON Broadway. I’ve seen a number of Broadway shows over the years but always in other places. I need to see one in New York. Luckily items one and two will fit neatly into one trip. Nice planning on my part, don’t you think?

3. Visit Pearl Harbor. During my semester in Tokyo I was able to take a long weekend to visit Hiroshima and see the place where World War II came to an end. I need to bring that one full circle and see where it began. Truth be told I’d like to return to Hiroshima, as well, to see how my near 40 year old self sees it compared to how my 20 year old self did, especially after crossing Pearl Harbor off my list, but that’s not officially a bucket list item right now.

4.  Learn to use a spinning wheel. I have been fascinated by them for as long as I can remember. Friends of my parents had  a wheel in their kitchen and I remember being completely and utterly entranced just looking at it. I love to watch them in action. I want to learn to use one. And since this knitting thing seems to be sticking around, it makes sense. I am actually working on arranging lessons starting very soon. From there we’ll see if I need to get a wheel. I expect I know the answer but I’m trying to approach this wisely. Not my usual style…

5. Take the grandkids to Disney World. My big giant dork brother ruined my first Disney Experience with his stupid teenage boy hormones so I’ve always felt a little empty in the Disney experience department. Since there’s no way to get it back for myself, I’d love to experience it through my girls’ eyes. Hopefully I can get grandpa on board with this one

6.  Own a Civil War era mortar. Reproduction is fine. Preferably the enormous variety from Paulson Brother’s Ordinance Company. I love that thing. OK. So this item is likely never to be crossed off my list, I know this, but it’s a fun thought just the same.

7. Work for fun. I think this one belongs on everyone’s bucket list. I want to pay off all the bills and work because I enjoy the activity of working, not because I have to pay the mortgage. I’m close. Credit card debt should be eliminated within a few months, then I can double up on the car payment & knock that out in a couple years. We’re under 10 on the mortgage. I should be working for fun by my mid-40s. I love the sounds of that.

8. Knit more socks of my own design than other people’s. I have recently started dabbling in designing my own patterns, I want to do more of it. I enjoy the process of thinking up the design, knitting it to see what works and what doesn’t, modifying to my liking or banishing to permanent time out. I want to do more of this. It would be even more fun if #4 works out and I can spin the yarn, design the pattern & knit the sock all on my own.

9. Increase my sewing machine collection. It was an accidental collection from the start. My first machine is my mom’s old Bernina. Great little basic machine that launched my love of quilting but truth be told, we do not get along. Something odd happens when you plug a machine into the wall, my circuits get scrambled and my patience vanishes. Meeting my great grandmother’s treadle was a whole new world. Me and people powered machines do great together. Last year I stumbled onto my 1896 Singer hand crank machine. Love her, too! This is where I realized I’ve accidentally begun a sewing machine collection. I had to promise I would only expand the collection if I find machines older than Abigail. My ultimate goal is a Civil War era machine. One I can take reenacting and not have to ask people to make allowances for a slightly newer design.

10.  Celebrate my Golden Anniversary. OK, really, not a lot I can directly control to make this one happen. Aside from do everything possible to ensure the marriage lasts long enough to get to that point, of course. So far so good. The first 11 have come with few hiccups through the tests life has thrown our way so I’m optimistic there. It’s more the part about living well for the next 38.5 years to get us there. I need to work harder at the 40lbs that should come off my frame. I need to work harder to convince DH to see the doctor for those niggling little things that may not be life threatening but do diminish the quality of life he could enjoy. 83 & 76 are well within range for our family histories, we just need to do a little better to hedge our bets on this one.


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