Knitting Unspiration

This is what I feel like I’ve been dealing with lately… I want to knit, this isn’t the mojo issue I’ve had in recent years with my quilting, it’s just that I can’t seem to find the project that inspires me. I’ve cast on 2 different socks and frogged the whole works. LOVE the yarn. This is actually the weird part- this particular skein of Trekking Hand Art is completely not what I expected when I bought it. I expected something of a semi-solid red. I was happy with that. Red isn’t my usual go to color but sometimes it’s fun to work outside the box. What I got instead is something in the most gorgeous fall colors ever- red to rust to brown, it’s positively lovely. Seems like EXACTLY the thing to be knitting right now… But I can’t find the pattern.

First I tried one I designed. Totally didn’t work. And as the old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence of ever having tried. So, 2/3 f the way through the foot (thank God I’m a toe up knitter), I ripped it all back out, wound ‘er back up and cast on a new toe. This time I was no where near any of my usual pattern sources since I was truck knitting so I needed something I already knew. Decided to reknit a pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks that I’ve used before a couple of times. The pair I knit for myself with this pattern I blew out last year so it seemed logical. But it just wasn’t working. Easy knit, no issues with the pattern, could NOT convince myself I wanted to knit it. So, knowing I am not prepared for another project in Time Out Exile, I frogged again. This time I knew I needed to step away. Let the yarn relax a bit, undo a couple of attempts worth of kink, let it simmer. I think I know where I’m going. The fish net pattern in the most recent Vogue Knitting is lovely, I tried it in another failed sock recently and really enjoyed the pattern but it was the wrong yarn to pattern marriage. I think that’s where I”m going next. But not just yet.

I’m also attempting to get myself started on some Christmas Knitting. I posted about that a couple of days ago. I started a mitten. Not my favorite project but Malabrigo is my favorite yarn, even if I am working with a Twist instead of a Sock. The colorway is gorgeous. The first attempt was frogged. Too big. GRR. So the night before last I started that over, too. Will I never find a project that speaks to me?

Oh wait… Yesterday I accidentally read Tempting Tuesday on Keri’s blog, When Did I Become A Knitter. Darn you Keri. Or should I say Thank you, Keri…  The sock yarn blanket was too much. I love to learn new techniques, I’ve seen mitered squares before, they look like fun . I’ve seen Shelly’s grand creation before but this time, it was different. I needed something to inspire and this seemed like a good idea. I knit 5 little 2×2 squares from my seemingly extensive collection of sock yarn leftovers. I say seemingly extensive because I think it won’t take long before the collection seems pathetic in the scope of the project. But wait. I don’t think I am going to give this one official project status. It’s not a PhD, it’s a simple pleasure to amuse when my knitting feels uninspired and I have no time to sew. This assuages the guilt I might feel at breakin’ the rules  and lets me knit a square here or there when I feel inclined without being intimidated by the scope of the actual finished project. Brilliant, don’t you think?



2 responses to “Knitting Unspiration

  1. Happy to help!!!!! Have fun & we can compare notes.

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