Movin’ Right Along

For some reason, I can’t get this song out of my head this morning. And since I am, in fact, moving right along with the Christmas knitting and other things, it seemed completely appropriate this morning. And besides, how can you go wrong with a little Kermit & Fozzy on a Friday morning? That’s what I thought, too… You can’t!

So last night, this: became a finished object! I can’t say I’m a huge fan of knitting mittens but since I love wearing mittens (gloves are totally overrated) and I love even more wearing things I’ve knit (but lack the patience required for, say, a whole sweater), I will occasionally torture myself with mitten knitting. The first pair I knit was a Fair Isle pattern, as much to prove I can knit a mitten as to learn Fair Isle. Then I knit myself a fabulous scarf that didn’t at all match the mittens so I had to knit another pair to go with the scarf. Since I loath, despise and completely HATE don’t much care for Kitchner Stitching, I opted for the “Toe Up” mitten patterns I found on Ravelry. Much more my style. They went quick enough but still, the girl who quilts by hand, knits putzy little socks, and basically does all things the hard old fashioned way, mittens are no so much my favorite knit. So of course it makes total sense that I’d decide to knit anywhere from 2-4 pair for Christmas gifts, right? What can I say, I’m a farging genius sometimes…

So anyway, last night I finished mitten # 1 and knit the “toe” of it’s mate. That one should be wrapped up somewhere before I settle in for Football Sunday. The question is, do I knit it’s matching scarf or the 2nd pair of planned mittens next? Thoughts?

Moving along again, I have, however grudgingly, decided that Knit Ahead Season is officially over. I held out until yesterday. Had I been paying attention I’d have held out one more day and declared the first day of fall as the official start to sock-wearing season, but regardless, I’ve gone there. I won’t pack the flip flops away quite yet because, after all, it is Wisconsin and it will likely hit 85 some time in the middle of October, but either way, new socks are now considered an immediate part of the rotation, not stock pile for Cabin Fever Season. I’d probably be sad about it if not for the fact that Fall is probably my favorite time of year. Even the long drive home from the office takes on a bit of enjoyment as I watch the colors change this time of year. And it means soups, stews and chili dinners are just around the corner. Ahhh…. Comfort food.

Speaking of comfort food, can I say again how much I LOVE my new stove? Yesterday was the first full blown run at using the delayed start feature on the oven. Next best thing to a slow cooker I tell you… I had a meatloaf in the freezer that I took out & put in a pan in the oven to defrost (yeah yeah yeah, I know the FDA folks say you aren’t supposed to do this. Thing is, I don’t care. My mom never killed anyone defrosting meat on the counter and neither have I. I am going to keep defrosting meat wherever I please…), set the delayed start to kick on at 5:00 and had dinner half finished by the time I got home. A quick toss together of some Parmesan garlic roasted potatoes and a veggie and we were set. I just wish I could remember the recipe I used for the meatloaf. I think it came from an episode of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, I know there was fresh parsley, I think there was minced celery, carrot & mushroom in it, but I can’t remember for sure. I skipped the raisins this time and it was still about the most satisfying meatloaf I think I’ve ever made.

When mitten knitting hasn’t been keeping my hands busy the last few days, I’ve been knitting mitered squares for my non-project sock yarn blanket. I think I’m up to 9 or 10 little squares. It should be noted that 2″ squares seem to be a recurring nightmare theme in my crafting life. My first quilt, a queen-ish sized monster started life as 2 1/2″ triangles, sewing back into squares. Not my best design idea as it turns out. Then there’s the Friendship Triangle exchange I participated in at my favorite LQS… More 2″ squares made out of triangles. The knitted mitered squares produce much the same effect.  Clearly I’m insane. But don’t worry, I’m the happy kind.

In other news, I’m officially scheduled for my first spinning lesson! Getting ready to cross one off the bucket list!   I had to put it off until October 14th because hubby’s taking the day off next Friday so we can head to Door County early which is a sacrifice I’m willing to make- no alarm for 3 days trumps taking the first step toward fulfilling a lifelong wish , right? Well it does for me.


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