The Season After Reenacting Season

Or as I like to call it, the hap-happiest time of the year.

I love reenacting, wouldn’t have done it for the last 14 year is I didn’t, but it makes everything else about life a bit chaotic from May through September. So once the canvas is put away for the last time, I get to resume a somewhat more relaxed pace and do the things I love in “regular life”.

I realized very quickly that kicking off this post-reenacting season would require some serious cleaning in my sewing room. Since I have my first spinning lesson scheduled for October 14 and I expect I will want to by a wheel to call my very own, I need to make some room in the only room I can feasibly store and use it before hubby will let me bring it home. For once I over came my usual procrastination and got right to it yesterday morning.  A few before shots:

Turns out when I’m not using my sewing room on a regular basis, it becomes a dumping ground. I pull out what I need, shove things aside when I need a bit of space and generally toss stuff onto the nearest flat-ish surface instead of putting things away. To some of you this will come as no surprise…

So downstairs I went with a mission. Clean up, clean out & generally get the room ready for the offseason projects I should finish and the new ones I will most certainly begin. I decided this would be a good opportunity to let the kids get to know my sewing room, too.  The door is kept shut because Tigger had a few nasty habits and I figured it was easier to remove the temptation than kill him. It worked…

In the process of cleaning, I also made a list. I’m not sure this is an encouraging list but it was not quite as bad as I expected, actually.  Its a list of my PhDs… Easily ignored when they’re out of sight but finally putting it down into a tangible list might be good motivation to knock a few items off of it, right? First the list, then a few “After” photos just to prove that I actually CAN clean, I just choose not to most of the time.


  1. The Wedding Signature quilt. I’ve been hand quilting this one (not actively) for 11.5 years now…
  2. Chocolat. Also in the process of hand quilting.
  3. Flowers For Mackenzie. Another in the hand quilting pile
  4. Reproduction 9 Patch. This was an excuse to use my treadle when I first brought her home, appropriate for hand quilting during reenactments. What I hadn’t considered is how positively MISERABLE hand quilting is in in July…
  5. Five finished quilt tops ready to be quilted. Given items 1-4, I’m guessing they won’t see the light of day for some time. At least if I’m to do the quilting.
  6. Split Rail Fence star applique blocks
  7. William Morris Applique
  8. Baby Rag quilt
  9. Eagle Applique
  10. 3 different Cathedral Window’s projects
  11. Fabric Stamped hand piecing project
  12. Jelly Roll & Charm Square hand piecing project
  13.  Miss Rosie’s Six Degrees hand piecing project
  14. Flannel Crazy Quilt
  15. Civil War Homecomings
  16. Friendship triangles
And I’m sure there are a few more in there that even I’m not willing to own up to. Add to that a few knitting projects on the needles and I am a very busy girl if I ever entertain delusions of finishing them all… Luckily I’m not THAT crazy. But if I were to want to, at least I could FIND them and the space necessary to work on them. That’s worth something, right?
So anyway, here are a few afters. Maybe if I look at the pictures often enough I’ll remember how much I love it when my sewing (s00n to be re-dubbed Fiber) room is tidy & organized!
And now for the gratuitous cuteness… The kids were very well behaved (mostly)

3 responses to “The Season After Reenacting Season

    • Should I admit to finding the peticoat we started for your maternity dress in the pile of things that got put away? Probably not since Ella’s coming up on birthday #4…

  1. Love your sewing room! Definitely an inspiration to get mine organised!

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