For The Sake of a Finished Object

Saturday’s Great Sewing Room Clean Up did result in a bit of inspiration after all. In the process of cleaning I discovered that the flannel crazy quilt I started an easy 5 years ago had enough blocks done to make a reasonable sized throw quilt. When I started the the blocks, I really had intended to make something near queen sized, big enough to toss on the bed when Cabin Fever season takes a turn for the negative digits, take reenacting during the cold spring and fall events, that sort of thing. But I haven’t stitched a block for it in a couple of years. So I decided it was time to turn it into a somewhat smaller version of my original plan and get some use out of it. It needs to fulfill it’s quilty destiny once and for all and I need to finish a quilt so that I may, perhaps, uncover my quilting mojo at the bottom of that list of PhDs…

So Sunday after sleeping in and enjoying a late breakfast out, I came home and did a dozen things OTHER than work on the quilt top! I made cookies for hubby’s lunch. He ran out on Thursday so the crisis needed remedying immediately (or so he said).  Then I tossed together a stew to simmer in the Crock Pot while I watched football. Next came the cherry pie. When digging out Saturday’s turkey breast and looking for the stew meat. the bag of cherries in the freezer looked sort of sad and in need of some love…  Then a loaf of bread to go with the stew. Then lunch.

When all was finally said and done, round about half time of the Motor City Kitty’s comeback win over the Vikings, I got to sit down at the treadle. In under 2 hours I finished putting the blocks together into a completed top. I finished stitching it together during the opening (TOUCHDOWN) drive of the Packer game, snapped a few quick photos and hit my favorite chair for some World Champion Green Bay Packer (nope, still hasn’t gotten old) football and some knitting.  Got about a third of the way through another Christmas knitting project and enjoyed a very relaxing Sunday.  Perhaps tonight I’ll swing through the dreaded WalMart for a couple yards of batting so I can sandwich and tie the quilt. I can’t wait to curl up under it with a couple of kittens and a good book!


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