The End of an Era

It is with much sadness that I report the immediate retirement of a faithful friend & companion for the last 16 odd years…  You, my much loved Kenny Ruettgers away jersey, will be dearly missed. We’ve been through 16 seasons together, some good, some bad, even a couple of Championship runs. We’ve welcomed the team home from away games. We’ve grilled brats in single digit temps where the beer had to sit on the lid to keep from freezing over during the process, we’ve worked together, we’ve played together… I’ve worn you proudly, endured a bit of ribbing for my “retro” jersey, enjoyed many fist bumps for its awesomeness… I will miss you. I will never forget you. And how the hell am I supposed to live without you when we all know I can’t replace you? At least not with any active roster player. The risk is just too great. I thought my jersey juju was so bad yesterday that I ended Donald Driver‘s career just by ALMOST buying his jersey… (For those unfamiliar, I am the black widow of jersey purchases. I can apparently buy them for others safely, but if I get one for myself, it is, apparently, a lock that you will suffer a career ending injury during the first season in which I proudly display your number & name across my back.) I haven’t had just one jersey in the rotation since the ’93 season! (again, I should disclaim. I do have a Favre jersey, but no self respecting Packer fan is wearing those these days. The ugly break up is too fresh. 10 years from now, sure, we’ll be on speaking terms again but for now, Brett, you did us wrong… We aren’t done licking our wounds yet. Though the Viking’s SMASHING 0-4 start is helping. A little. Considering Denver only yesterday won back a small iota of good graces, I think you’d be safe to guess this is going to take a while.)

Now, onto the fun part of the weekend. Well, aside from the previously inferred bit of football glory, of course! Man 4-0 feels good. But I digress… To knitterly fun!

THIS is the new acquisitions from our weekend in Door County. I think I did pretty good *only* buying 2 little skeins, right? But oh is it ever the most delicious softness… I actually rubbed yarn on my face walking out of the store. It is a baby Alpaca/bamboo combo and it’s baby soft and lovely. I think this one’s destine for a subtle Gansey pattern… I have the perfect specimen in mind… But first I have to finish my fishnet socks. Got half way through the first sock during Saturday’s supremely awesome Badger victory. Amazing how much attention one little knitter drew in a room full of football fans, too!

Absolutely giggling over the bumper stickers.  This one is attached to the memory board on my office wall. If you’ll remember, it was only a week or so ago that I knit a noose over my lunch break so the sticker seems all the more appropriate. Though maybe I should move it to the shelf where the Bobble Bob character is still wearing his cozy little “scarf”. Might have to give that some thought later this week.

This one is funny since I’m about to take my first spinning lesson. I already know how to spin with a drop spindle so it’s not technically inaccurate for me right now, but it will be even more spectacular when I can spin with a wheel! And how about that for positive thinking? I’m not saying IF I learn, it’s WHEN I learn. October 14th can’t come soon enough!

The last two items are the take it with me all the time pad of graph paper. Hubby spotted that one in, of all places, the St. Norbert College Book Shoppe. I dragged him on a trip down memory lane Friday, past all the places I used to live (still can’t get over the one that’s now a parking lot. Seriously, it was one of the nicest campus owned houses they had. And now it’s a parking lot. Crazy!), through the new library. Holy cow, for any fellow alum who haven’t yet been, you need to see the wonder that is the new library. Almost makes me wish I was still a student. Almost. And the obligatory trip through the book shoppe to re-up my SNC gear collection. I’ve gone all adult on my recent purchases, opting for polo style I can wear to work instead of t-shirts I can only reside in on weekends… But just to keep it from being too scary, I also scored a lovely pair of flannel jammy pants. I think they will be what all the best dressed knitters are wearing this fall. And the button, well, what sock knitter can pass up the chance to put it out there- yes, I know there are cheaper and more efficient ways of obtaining socks, but this way makes me infinitely happier. Especially when the “normal” option is going to that special little corner of hell known as WalMart…

Oh, and back to the topic of spinning, you’ll never guess what happened… Well, two things actually. The first is hubby actually said he understands my desire to learn to spin & create my own yarn. He watched me spin with my spindle recently and has decided the process would drive him entirely mental when he knows there’s a “machine” to make the process easier and more efficient. So he has no objection what so ever to my quest to learn to use and eventually acquire my own wheel. Which is good since my porch grew this:

this weekend! I tell you I have a magic porch. First it grew kittens and now a spinning wheel!  It’s a loaner from my BFF’s mother in law. For once in my life I’m trying to approach a new hobby with sanity- first learn and make sure I like it, THEN invest lots of money. I must say, it’s a bit unusual and uncomfortable, I don’t know that I like it, but at least its a reasonable attempt at adult behavior… Wish me luck.

On that, I’ll leave you with this. As you all know because either you’ve got kids of your own or you at least recall being one, all good parents bring presents home for the kids after a weekend away. This is what we got ours. It’s a horrible picture, frankly they all are, sorry, the big girl camera is loaded up with 850+ pictures from the Packer Game so the cell camera had to do… It’s a zuzu pet track for cats! The ball inside lights up and blinks to drive them bonkers, they chase it around the track… Really quite spectacular how popular it is already! Its what all the well appointed cat households will be sporting this year, I swear!


One response to “The End of an Era

  1. Love love love the stickers. I need to find those. Yay for the wheel! try out many different types before you buy. I tried about 5 different wheels and ended up buying the same model as what I learned on.

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