On knitting mittens

I finished my second pair of Christmas mittens last night. All in all, this is a good thing. It was only a few weeks ago that I decided to undertake the insanity that is Christmas knitting to begin with. I think I decided there are six gifts to knit and I am three down. Good average, right? And the second scarf will likely be near completion by the end of NFL Sunday. So yay me!

But I’ve learned something in the mitten knitting process… Turrns out, I don’t really LIKE knitting mittens. I like the speed with which I can knit them, enjoy that finished object feel, but I dislike the fiddliness of knitting thumbs. I don’t particularly enjoy the simple row after row of bug stitch round knitting. It’s boring. Very boring. Feels like time wasted that I could be knitting a sock. No, I have no idea why I can knit 10 times as many rows of the same repetitive in the round knitting to make a sock but a quick mitten bores me, but there it is… And the true insanity? I know I will knit more mittens I don’t enjoy… I live in Wisconsin. Mittens are a necessity of life and it turns put i would rather wear mittens I’ve made myself then store bought mittens, so I will torture myself many Mortimer, probably knit some for the grandkids, the whole time hating myself but knowing at the very least I can claim a finished object in a matter of a few days… Such is the life of a knitter


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