Creature Comforts

Today, I must admit, I’m feeling a little raw. Unlike most Fridays which are looked forward to, this one I’ve kind of been dreading. Not so much because it’s Friday, that would just be silly, but more because it means it’s almost Saturday. Any ordinary Saturday and that would be insane, right? But this Saturday is Grandma’s memorial service. For most of 6 weeks I’ve very successfully insulated myself from thinking about it, October 8th was a random date so far out I could wait to think about it and go about normal life. But as time tends to do, the weeks have passed quickly thanks to a busy schedule and here we are. Tomorrow’s the big day.

Since I can’t stop time, I decided today will be all about the creature comforts; you know, the little things we do for ourselves to get us through. While I’d much prefer that involved me, a pile of kittens, some sticks & string, unfortunately today is not THAT Friday (I have every other Friday off), so my creature comforts are limited to things I can “imbibe” in at the office. First off, it’s casual day so I am all about my jeans & spiffy new St. Norbert College polo. Funny how I find myself gravitating away from  t-shirts and toward polos or button downs that I can wear to the office.  And while my letter prescribing my daily martini is hanging on the wall, I figure I’d be pushing my luck to actually enjoy it at work, so instead I’ve brewed myself a lovely cup of tea.

While in Door County last weekend, we stopped for breakfast at the Door County Coffee & Tea Co. where  I indulged in a nifty new steeper and some Blueberry Infusion loose tea. Coupled with my favorite Spy vs Spy mug I picked up at the International Spy Museum during our 10th anniversary trip to DC in 2010 and I’m a very happy girl. Isn’t it just the prettiest shade of purple? Well, OK, crappy cell phone camera photos aren’t going to do it justice no matter how hard I try, but trust me, it’s the prettiest color, nearly matches the purple of the steeping basket! And anything in my Spy v Spy mug makes me smile!

Next, lunch… What says comfort more than a slab of pizza for lunch, right? So Brick 3 Pizza wins out.  Stuffed crust spinach & feta sounds delicious but there is always something on the menu that will satisfy my desire for comfort food if that one’s not available. That, a little sock knitting time and reading my latest Yarn Harlot download to my Kindle ought to be just enough to keep me going through the afternoon. Well, that and the obligatory  the iPod soundtrack to work by.

When i finally get to head for home there WILL be a pile o’kittens, sticks and string to play with. I cast on the second scarf on my Christmas knitting list last night but made little progress because there were other more pressing projects that kept me from settling in until well after 9:00pm, but hopefully tonight I will make some headway. More hopefully, this will be after a steaming plate of Maria’s spaghetti from The Pasta Shoppe. That and a slab of butter-dripping-down-your-arm garlic bread are the ultimate in comfort food. But tonight I think I’ll skip the mozzarella sticks and order the Tiramisu to start things off. And in honor of Grandma, I’ll be licking the plate clean, not caring who’s watching.


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