Today I cracked…

I knew I would. You can’t honestly expect me to get a new toy, one I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember, and not play with it, can you?

You see, I got my loaner spinning wheel last weekend but don’t have my first lesson scheduled until this coming Friday. I made it a full week before I decided I couldn’t take it any more! So after a rotten nights sleep, an early morning breakfast, grocery shopping and a few other errands, I sequestered myself in my happy place, watched a few videos on my trusty iPad and I sat down at the wheel.

The first bobbin was a bit of a mess,which is to say a lumpy, overspun, feisty disaster, of course… The second bobbin was only slightly less horrid, but the process was making sense. For the third bobbin, I decided a change was necessary. Into my roving stash I went for some Toby. I can’t tell you what breed of sheep the wool came from, but I do know the particular sheep’s name is Toby. This is what happens when your best friend is also your wool source! I have to say, Toby is awesome! A slightly variegated gray, soft as can be and a slightly friendlier staple to spin, at let for a complete novice at the wheel! Ran out of time to play about the time I filled the third bobbin and I can’t wait to play some more. Luckily it stands to be another busy week so I probably won’t have much time to sit at the wheel again until Friday. I say luckily because that means less time to develop bad habits that I need to unlearn! I’m fairly certain it is already a safe bet that I will be shopping for my very own wheel very soon….

But now it’s time to watch me a little Packer football and work on Christmas scarf #2


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