The earth may well be shifting off it’s axis

If hell freezes over tonight, I might have to take responsibility… Don’t for a moment think I am happy to do this to anyone… I have more than enough to keep me busy without having to tackle that list of things I promised to do when hell does, in fact, freeze over. I certainly don’t want to incite the pox that pox on the universe, but I may need to beg your pardon. You see, these are strange times and in strange times, stranger things happen.

What, you ask, are the strange things? Well… Here it is. I have the picture in picture fired up on the tv and I am bouncing between the Monday night football game (only unusual in that I mostly gave up MNF since I happen to be the only woman in the world who loves football and married a man who could care less. I try to limit myself to Packer games only for both Sunday and Monday night games) and the Milwaukee Brewer game. That is part one of the worlds most bizarre Monday night. I don’t like baseball. I don’t like it even a little. I’ve never liked it. And not like the way I didn’t like football but grew to love it. Baseball is dull. Beyond dull, really. Bt here I am. Apparently when the home team makes it to the NLCS, I can learn to watch it.

Part two is the football part. Bside the previously mentioned oddity that is watching a non-Packer Monday night game, the really weird part is it’s the Bears vs. the Lions. Its like you’re waiting for test results and you have to choose between cancer or AIDS. No matter what happens it’s going to suck to have a winner but you know it’s one or the other so you have to decide which one is better.

Under ordinary circumstances, it would be and easy call, you root for the Motor City Kitties because, well, face it, they’re so far from being a threat you just don’t have to care. You figure they are going to win one or two per year so they my s well win them at the expense of your biggest division rival. But this, my friends, is no ordinary year. The Kitties are looking like a real team. They went into the weekend not just tied with the Packers for the division lead, but tied for first in the whole NFL. The Pack came through in what started as a nail biter last night so at worst we come out of tonights game still locked in a dead heat, but maybe, just maybe, cancer beats AIDS and my team can sit alone at the top, still marinating in the glory that is being World Champions…

With the smile that thoughht still brings to mind, it’s time to settle in for the epic battle and knock out a few more rows od the latest rendition of the best scarf EVA. Got in a little spinning before dinner, too, so all in all, good night so far. Here’s hoping cancer can win one for the Gipper and make it as good as a monday can be expected to be.


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