Do Minions like kittens?

This question has been plaguing me today. You see, I’m becoming convinced that blogging, or at least Keri, is a bad influence. A few short months ago I was excellent at sticking to my knitting goal of one project at a time. Then I started blogging regularly and suddenly I find myself scouring the ‘net for other blogs of interest which leads to hours spent mindlessly surfing Ravelry, new project ideas dancing provocatively before my feeble little mind’s eye and a new-found appreciation for project time outs. GAAAH!

So what, you ask, does this have to do with minions and kittens? Well, the situation goes a little like this: One of my new favorite blogs to stalk is Keri’s. And she keeps posting pictures of her positively adorable minions and their mad capped adventures. And suffering an unusually sustained bout of knittnig unspiration, I can’t seem to get these critters out of my mind! I mean really, can you blame me? They’re darling. I must knit some one. Right now. NOW! So… Instead of bringing the scarf I should finish for Christmas or the sock I love but hate to knit, I brought a bag of sock yarn ends and a couple of sets of circular needles and spent my lunch hour casting on my very own minion…

Now, from what I’ve read, minions are lovely little critters but a bit, shall we say, persnickety, when it comes to their home life. And I’m not entirely certain how well my, shall we say, chaotic, home life will agree with their vision. As you may have deduced by now, I have kittens. Three of them. And they are a rambunctious little lot. I fear they will leave no minion unturned. And if their treatment of their favorite sparkly balls is any indication, the minions best know how to swim… I doubt those cute lil’ arms and legs will be left unnoticed for long. I half expect to come home to a minion tug-o-war. SO I need some help from any minion knitters who might be able to lend it- do you think minions will like kittens or are they best left to guard my desk from any lurking beasties who go bump in the night?


One response to “Do Minions like kittens?

  1. I’m very happy to be such a bad influence!!! Glad we found each other.

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