Meet Norman

I’m rather pleased with last night’s progress on my first Minion. He’s a cute little fella, don’t you think? I suspect he’ll be much happier when he as arms, in fact I’m sure of it- he insisted on coming to work with me today, first in anticipation in said arms being completed during lunch and, more importantly, because he didn’t feel particularly safe around the kittens with no arms with with which to defend himself. Or at least I’m pretty sure that’s what he was trying to tell me. Hard to be certain given the whole lack of a mouth thing…  I’m undecided on whether or not I should give him said mouth, he’s a quiet little office mate right now, not sure quite what to expect if I give him a mouth. And there’s a lot of cords around here he could nibble on if he was feeling sassy… So we’ll see. For now, he’s chosen his safe little spot on my scanner from which to watch my progress on today’s Windows reinstallation and massive check mailing projects. His eyes quite aptly demonstrate how I feel about these projects but Norman seems happy and a happy minion is all I could ask for right now…


One response to “Meet Norman

  1. Be warned, if you give him a mouth, he will never stop talking. Maybe we should arrange a minion play date. Though I think that the postal system would have to be involved, or at least a road trip.

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