You win some, you lose some

I love three day weekends. Even more, I love that I get them at least every other week.vthere are advantages (obvious ones even) to my every other Friday off schedule! And while this past weekend wasn’t a particularly busy one (which is my favorite kind of three day weekend), there was a good bit of activity of note. So here is my win lose breakdown of the weekend…

Win: I had my first spinning lesson on Friday! Turns out I’m not half bad at it either. Luckily I went into the lesson with a working knowledge of how to draft sinceive been spinning with a drop spindle on and odd for a few years. I am told this is more than half the battle.

Lose: not able to go for my second lesson until the first Saturday in November because that is the first both our schedules lined up again. So no plying lessons for three weeks.

Win: I have a loaner wheel and a fair bit of roving to practice with in the mean time. And may be getting more roving this weekend from my BFF. Toby(a woolie beast of unknown breed, but at let I know his name) is spinning up beautifully and I’m gtting some nice consistent singles. BFF is my surce for more Toby. I love that.

Win: I caught a good chunk of the Badger game while practicing spinning on saturday. I loe having a high def feed in my sewing/fiber room. I love more that the Badgers have demolished every opponent I’ve watched them play this year.

Lose: I watched more baseball this weekend than I ever have in my life. At least since I have gained control of the remote. shared control,really. Hubby gets an occasional say, too, but is as big a baseball fan as I am, which is to say not at all. But when the home team makes the play offs for the first time in nearly 30 years, I will, it turns out, hop on the bandwagon. I will even get excited during the game (provided, of course, I have plenty of knitting going on to get me through most of the game the dull parts.) sadly, the Brewers could not overcome the smoking’ hot bats of the Cardinals. I have a number of friends who are happy about this. Grandma would not be so it’s a big lose.

Win: my beloved Green Bay Packers stand alone atop the NFL after the first 6 weeks of the season. Wahoooo

Win: The Motor City Kitties finally lost a game to allow the World Champion Green Bay Psckers to stand alone as the only undefeated team left. It’s about damned time.

Win: I finally got the first half of my pictures from our Door County weekend uploaded so I could enjoy my oh so naughty but delicious pictur of Clay Matthews’ bumm on a bigger screen. You may have the same opportunity. No, I am not the least bit embarrassed or ashamed of having taken pictures specifically of his bumm. Look at it! How could you NOT want to enjoy it often?

Win: I knit a whole hat for hubby between Saturday not and Sunday afternoon. Even he was impressed by e speed of that project.

Win: I finished another Christmas knit Saturday. Only 2 left.

Lose: I cast on one of those 2 remaining projects last night, knit what should have been half the foot, and discover said foot was way too large for the intended recipient.

Win: the sock fits hubby so he’s getting another pair.

Lose: now I have to find more machine washable And dry able wool for the pair od socks I meant to be knitting.
Lose: the weekend came to an end and Monday arrived with a a screaming case of the Monday’s.

Win: I get another three day weekend thanks to a vaca day. Going on a quilt shop bus hop with my favorite quilting buddy. We will be the naughty girls at the back of the bus with the bloody Mary’s and wine. Should be fun.


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