Ten Places I’ve Knit

I think I began knitting in public before I would have officially considered myself a knitter. Back in the days where I dabbled but wasn’t really committed. This probably should heve scaed me, but it turns out it didn’t. It was simply a sign of things to come. So for today’s ten things thursday, I will attempt to detail the places where I’ve not just knit but done so publicly.

1. In an airplane on the way to Las Vegas. It was not a good time in my life, 2003 after we lost our only child, just a month after our anticipated due date when the reminders of what could have been were everywhere including my SIL’s wish to have her picture taken in her wedding dress holding her newest niece or nephew. Turns out explaining to the flight attendant that I was knitting tiny little booties for layette sets for Diana’s Angels probably didn’t help, but this was the first time I used knitting as therapy. Like I said, should have been a sign of things to come…

2. Various Civil Awar reenactments. This is probably the one place where public knitting isn’t thenleast bit odd or unusual. In the early days it was something to keep my hands busy when I didn’t feel like hand sewing. I knit foot sweaters (my early socks could only be called socks in the loosest sense. The were similarly shaped to socks, but ill fitting, too large in gauge and you could feel every stitch on your feet. I’ve definitely improved on this front) and dish cloths because it was all I knew. Now it’s mostly socks because they are what I love.

3. The Cracker Barrel. This one sticks out because it was both recent and somewhat scary. I had a moment over the summer where I was sitting by myself at the table (hubby had gone to wash his hands I think) where I realized that, without a doubt, knitting was the most normal thing I had going for me at the time. Seems to me there was a tiedyed t-shirt, jeans rolled up like Capri pants, a straw hat and purple Crocs involved. Oh, I also hadn’t showered in 2 days… Hopefully the knitting distracted the good folks in the restaurant enough that they didn’t notice then outfit… Or the smell…

4.  Civil War Round Table Meetings (anyone noticing a theme with the Civil War thing here?).  My hubby’s Son’s of Veterans of the Civil War camp made a valiant attempt to get a Round Table going in the greater Ozaukee County area and brought in speakers once per quarter. I’ll admit some reluctance to attend on my part (not because the speakers weren’t interesting, it actually interrupted a play date of my own and too many interruptions made it too easy to stop trying to schedule the play date! BOO!), so I’d only go if I could bring my knitting. And I politely explained to any presenters outside of our immediate group who already understood my oddities personality quirks inability to sit still that I am better able to pay attention if my hands are busy so please don’t be offended, I’m knitting so I CAN learn from you. And it worked. And a lot of knitting got done. Win for all.

5.  Two Rivers Music Under the Stars concert. Our gun was part of the percussion section for the evening but my services were not needed as crew or safety zone enforcement, so I knit. Standing around talking, sitting on a park bench listening to the concert, in the truck on the way there and back (one big advantage to longer daylight hours in the summer! More knitting while riding time coming home from events!), I knit. I was even working on a relatively fiddly sock at the time- my Terpanters.  Can’t remember if that was sock #1 or sock #2. 2 I think. They took forever and it was still knit ahead season, though, so the memory gets a little fuzzy.

6.  During the Wisconsin Badger tailgate party & game on our recent trip to Door County. It was a prime time game against Nebraska, big stuff ’round these parts. And as much as I love food AND football (especially when you combine the two), I still have that sitting still problem, so when buying Badger gear for the event, my eye landed on a hoodie and I knew it was meant to be- a pocket begging to stuff my sock in progress so I could knit during the game? It was destiny I tell you. And you would not believe how much attention this simple little activity attracted. For a minute I thought the folks behind me had a pool going before they asked what I was making. Most thought it was mittens. All thought it was fascinating. Oddly, the sock has since been banished to a time out. Turns out I love the pattern but I hate knitting it. So maybe I’ll break it out the next time I need a knit in public so I don’t have to make actual conversation project. Yeah. That’ll be good. It’ll be my “Weird Girl with the Knitting” sock. Perfect! No more time out, now it’s a PWFOTK- Project Waiting For Opportunity To Knit. I just invented a new category to justify my project ADD for WIPS.

7. Saturday mornings between placing my order and getting my breakfast. Also usually during the pre-0rder phase because I have a weird knack tendency to know what I want before we get to the restaurant. I have favorites at each restaurant and plan ahead. Drives hubby nuts. But I digress. I am constantly in awe of the amount of stitches I can manage during this short period of time. Usually several rows which adds up pretty quick. And if I’m not driving, I get more knitting time! *insert maniacal laugh here*

8. EAA Airventure between the afternoon air show (and maybe during it, now that I think about it) and the night air show. A day at EAA is one of my favorite days of the year but there isn’t a lot happening between the afternoon and evening air action so we grab some crappy festival food for dinner, maybe check out one or two of the free concerts and I knit. Not WHILE eating of course, after eating when my hands are otherwise bored. Its either knit and be social with my hubby or read my Kindle and ignore everything going on around me. Knitting seems like the better course, don’t you think? Incidentally, the Kindle is a God send when he’s wandering the Fly Mart. I can only look at just so many Clecos, drill bits and other random bits of hardware before I glaze over and start to whine about my aching feet. Much better to throw my Kindle in my backpack & read while he shops. But again, I digress…

9. Molly Cools. Again, oddly, sitting at a bar knitting on my lunch break really felt like the most normal thing in the world. Probably the bartender was just a little bit scared of the giggling girl with the pointy sticks proudly proclaiming she was knitting a noose, definitely he didn’t believe me, at least not until the very end when he noticed I was, indeed, knitting something vaguely resembling rope, but the thing is, I didn’t care. I didn’t care so much that it didn’t even occur to me to be concerned with what other people (which is basically no one, it was a very slow lunch hour at the restaurant) thought. My knitted noose did exactly what it was intended to do- lightened my mood by at least 400% and let me get through the afternoon without committing a major felony. Heck, I didn’t even commit a minor felony. Not even a misdemeanor for that matter! So it was as successful a bit of KIP as ever there was…

10. Ye Olde School House during quilty night. Totally logical, right? I mean who wouldn’t knit at sewing night? Sometimes I forget to grab along a sewing project, sometimes I”m just too tired to care, sometimes I just want to work on a sock. But this is the fun of the HHT night (that’s Hoopers, Hookers & Turners for the uninitiated. If you want to know more, go to Jeanie’s site and check it out for yourself, 1st & 3rd Wednesdays) is that anything goes. I’m often not the only one knitting. And I’m ALWAYS not the only one playing with wool in some form or another. So it totally works!



2 responses to “Ten Places I’ve Knit

  1. The Cracker Barrel incident made me snort coffee through my nose!! It’s like the time I went into a winery after camping for 4 day and realizing that I was in camping gear, not wearing make-up, and had a bandanna on my very gross hair. I almost died. The wine was worth it though.

  2. I have something for you on my blog 🙂

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