So stunned I couldn’t post…

Sounds better than “life got in the way and I haven’t had the energy to post,” don’t you think? Either way, life took a turn for the crazy last Thursday and it’s been a bit hectic ever since. Which is why the timing on this couldn’t have been better if planned.  What is this, you ask? Well…


It’s a major award! And not the frajeeelay kind! OK, perhaps also not so major, but it’s my very first and I owe a HUGE thank you to Keri for it! I’m pretty new to this whole blogging thing and I’m often amazed that anyone bothers to read my rambling at all, let alone enjoy it enough to tell people SHE knows about me! Wow!

So first things first, lets get to the “strings attached”.  Or should I say yarns? Is yarns even a proper word? Is this when I should assert my genius and declare that since I’ve so eloquently used it in a sentence, it’s clearly a word even if Miriam Webster hasn’t declared it so as of yet? That one. I think I like that one best. Yarns.  But I digress… My major award comes with a few instructions. They are as follows:

1. Thank the person who awarded it to you and link to their blog.  (Check.)

2. Share 7 things about myself. (Give me a couple of minutes.  The coffee needs time to make my brain start working.)

3. Pass this one to 15 newly discovered or new to you blogs.  (This is the best part.  Supporting the blogging community as a whole is a great thing and hopefully you pass on a smile to someone else.)

So on to the homework portion of things:

1. Again. Thank you, Keri! You continue to be one of my favorite reads each morning and though I’ve only “met” you through your posts, you’ve already proven a very very bad influence. Minions (I’m up to 5 now), Smartass Knitters/World Domination Club (shhhh… don’t tell hubby)… I LOVE where this is going!

2. Seven things about myself.  This one’s kinda tough. I’ve done a lot of dishin’ during Ten Things Tuesdays. But, alas, acceptance of my major award says I need to tell you seven things so seven things I shall tell you. I can’t promise they’ll be new to everyone, but if you’ll promise not to tell, I’ll promise to knit you something swell. Jill-you’ll get mittens, the best scarf EVA and a warm cozy hat upon relocation HOME!

  1. My Grandma used to feed me banana splits for breakfast when I had the pleasure of spending the night at her house. In Campbell’s Soup Mmm Mmm Good bowls.
  2. The Mmm Mmm Good bowls are in my cupboard. In a couple years I’m going to continue the tradition with my granddaughters!
  3. I can’t fall asleep unless my Kindle is on my nightstand. Well, I probably could, but it would be like a kid without his woobie. I need my security Kindle in case I can’t fall asleep and I have to get up, relocate to the couch and read for a while. Which makes it completely illogical that said Kindle needs to be on said bedside table since I won’t actually turn a light on and risk waking hubby. But those of you who DO know me know there is rarely anything logical about me.
  4. I share a brain. Honestly. My bff has one half, I have the other. It’s not always the same half, I think they swap sometimes without our knowledge. We confirmed the brain share on a math test in college- same one question wrong on the test, same wrong answer. I was right, just forgot to carry the negative symbol. she had it wrong. 18 years later, little has changed.
  5. This did NOT work with the uterus. She, who did not want kids, but if she maybe had them would have boys only, has 1 boy and 3 girls. I, who was going to have a mini-van full, have 4 cats and 2 grandkids. I cheated. I’m OK with this . Between Zig, Jill and I, we have the requisite 2.3 kids each so we’ve not upset the balance of the universe and I can sleep in on weekends.
  6. I bought 2 corsets this summer. Which brings my total collection to 3. Not the Frederick’s of Hollywood kind, the utilitarian Victorian era kind. Pre-Victorian era actually. What’s worse- I’ve WORN one of them. Several times. By choice. And liked it. Please don’t repeat that. I’ll be forced to deny it, you’ll be forced to remind me I put it out there for the entire world to see… It’ll be ugly… Can we just not go there?
  7. My first car was a 1978 Chevy Malibu Classic blue station wagon affectionately known as Homer. This would be otherwise insignificant but for the fact that my  current car is a 2010 Subaru Outback. Yep. A station wagon. In… Wait for it… Blue. This one’s name is Lucy. She’s a remarkable step up on the station wagon food chain, what with the working horn, the lack of strange metal on metal noises when turning left, a working stereo, creature comforts like heated seats & remote start… But I still have a, shall we say, eclectic collection of “stuff” in the back. I’ve traded in the electric frying pan, flannel shirt, table cloth and super soaker for a quilt project, a bottle of wine (Dina forgot it on Saturday, I don’t NORMALLY have a bottle of wine in the car with me, though maybe I should), a sock, a couple of flightline radios, a collection of shopping bags and a blanket. But the Diet Coke can collection is still there.

3.  15 new or new to me blogs. This one’s actually tricky. I’m fairly new to blogging in general. I have a couple friends who’ve been at it for a few years and I follow them to keep up with their families, their growing children, that whole thing, but they aren’t necessarily intended for public consumption, so alas, I will give my tiny little list of favorite moring reads. Sorry I can’t give you more, I’ll work on it in the event I’m ever surprised again:

  1. LennyandMaria the one about knitting in Spanish caught my eye and made me smile
  2. Liver Chick Knits A little knitting. A little life. Always makes me giggle.
  3. Keeps Me Out of Mischief Lots of fun food & crafting ideas. Another read I always look forward to in my morning mail!
  4. Needled Lots of fabulous knitting content. And a fascinating story to boot.
  5. Tiny tyrant I literally just found this one today during my daily Yarn Harlot read. A little knitting, a lot of cats & dogs, a bit of life. I couldn’t stop reading. I think because perhaps there was much of her story that mimics my own. I’ll be following along from now on.

5 is close to 15, right? I mean, it has a five in it. I hope this doesn’t render me unworthy of Keri’s bloggy love. I’ll work harder (or is it slack off more so I can read more blogs? Probably a bad plan but more about that tomorrow) in case I am ever honored again… 


2 responses to “So stunned I couldn’t post…

  1. Geez….I Don’t think a move home is in the immediate future. Ella was cold tonight, I think it is 70. She does want to make snow angels, so there is hope. And I know two godchildren (Haley too) who wouldn’t complain about banana splits for breakfast.

    • Well, I figured, buy you know I had to try. And I’m TOTALLY willing to bribe my Godchildren (and Haley) with banana splits for breakfast if it will get them to help further my move the B’s home cause! Some causes are entirely worth whoring one’s self out to you know…

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