The one where I make excuses

So I have been thoroughly enjoying this blogging thing. Its a fun way to reflect on my day, my projects, life in general. Its fun to see that someone somewhere is reading whatever it is I babble about. Its fun to keep track of works in progress. And it’s a great excuse to play with my big girl camera and post pictures. And I feel like I’ve been neglecting it recently. So this is where I’ll offer up some lousy reasons why, make some (hopefully not hollow) promises to do better, and generally see if I can’t get this train back on the track…

In “real life” I’m an office manager for a small-ish law firm. I love my job for many reasons. Chief among them, I never have to have the same day twice in a row. Often I couldn’t if I tried because my job is, first and foremost, extinguishing whatever flames spring up on a given day. Sometimes they are predictable, often times not. Last Thursday was one of those days I didn’t see coming. We had to let someone go. This is quite possibly my LEAST favorite part of my job. The decision, while not always difficult, is never pleasant and certainly never easy. Being a part of the last meeting and over seeing an office clean out is uncomfortable under the best of circumstances and walking someone out for the last time makes me want to cry and hug them every time. I hate it. And this one was particularly difficult both personally and professionally. I won’t go into the details of the personal, but the professional part means my life has turned to chaos.

The position that I now need to try to fill is a critical one- our A/R person, and this is the busy season for personal injury lawyers, definitely NOT a job you want open for long. And not one that can be ignored until it’s filled. This means I am taking on an entirely new role, one that is a full time position by itself, while we look for a replacement. I knew what I was taking on, but it’s meant longer days, less time to do my already full time plus job and a lot of learning curve. Its nerve racking to say the least!  Thank God for wine. And gin. (no, not together. I have SOME taste). And an understanding hubby. And three fabulous little furballs who greet me at the door, purr in my ear and help to melt the troubles away with a good snuggle.

Now for the fun excuse. This past weekend was the quilt shop bus hop my favorite quilting friend Dina and I signed up for last summer. 54 women on the bus and we were easily the youngest by 10-15 years. Not exactly unexpected, mind you, we both came into the hobby well ahead of schedule- i started fresh out of college so I’m pretty certain that I may be the youngest but I had far more years of experience than a good number of ladies on the bus. But of course I wasn’t there for score keeping. Actually I wasn’t even there for shopping. I was there for a fun little run away from home with a good friend. No hubbies, no kids, lots of alcohol (Oh yeah, did I mention that we were the naughty girls at the back of the bus with the bloody Penelopes (I have a friend named Mary who takes offense at the name of the cocktail. I work with her since I feel the same with about those particular table-top accessories called Lazy Martha’s. You know the ones I mean- they spin round so you can easily access your widgets, sold at IKEA on the cheap) and wine.) There was shopping, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t our primary goal.

Interestingly, you would not believe the amount of knitting that went on on that bus. I made no secret of my plans to knit, I can knit on a bus far more easily than I can sew and knitting requires much less in terms of space and notions to accomplish it. Or at least it would have if I hadn’t been knitting minions most of the time. I finished 2. And made some progress on hubby’s sock. In addition to my knitting, there were scarves, bags and a few other projects on other ladies’ needles. It was most entertaining to compare notes and pass along some of my favorite sock knitting tips. And have my minions oggled and admired. And my socks. And it seems only fitting that my favorite purchase is a yarn bowl that I picked up at The Woolen Needle in Williamsburg IA. It was hand made by a local artist, Val Neumann, its the most delicious blue, is plenty big enough for any skein I own and it makes knitting time even more fun… If only I actually had knitting time lately… Good thing I had a jump start on my Christmas knitting since I’ve all but stalled out on the two remaining projects…

In other news, our kittens are officially six months old. It still amazes me that the tiny, helpless little bundles who were abandoned at birth are such big, strong trouble-makers now.  They all submitted to a weigh in tonight, the first time in nearly two months that I put them on the scale. Lily and Bubbles are  within an ounce of each other, at about 4.5 pounds, and Spike comes in at nearly 5.5lbs. I am so glad we got these three through the perilous neonatal phase and let them worm their way so far into our hearts that there was no giving anyone up for adoption. You just can’t beat the contortionism that comes with bending yourself around three snuggle bugs each night or the love they dish out with abandon.

I am one step closer to getting my own spinning wheel as well. The money I plan to use to pay for it is in hand, now I need to make my decision on what I want. Next lesson is a week from Saturday. In the mean time I’m practicing whenever i can. Got lots more roving from my BFF on Sunday so I can spin myself stupid for some time to come. And since it’s natural roving I’ll be able to contemplate leaping off the next most logical cliff as well- dying. I can’t wait!

So there you have it. All things that have kept me busy and away from my blog. Toss in a stealth quilting project I acquired at Mill House Quilts in Waunakee, WI, a couple of not so stealth projects for Christmas and whatever else comes my way and I dare say, its going to continue to be a crazy ride but, well, it is what it is, right? This is all the madness that makes life worth living I suppose. And at the very least it’s what I need to do to keep myself in fiber in all it’s glorious forms! Well, except maybe for the bulk kind that keeps the colon functional. That kind might be as over rated as the other kinds are under rated! Promise I’ll try to post some pictures of all things knitting and kittens this weekend. I have some quality home time planned so it might just happened. Helps that it’s the Packers bye week.


One response to “The one where I make excuses

  1. Love the shout out. Maybe you can influence others to change the name as well! Miss you still.

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