Boys! Sometimes they just really need to not think out loud! Over breakfast this morning (yeah, I’m THAT wife. Giving the modern girl a bad name, I make my hubby breakfast every morning, pack his lunch and come home and make him dinner.) we were talking about our plans for tomorrow. He has to go fix his dad’s furnace and is then stopping in to fix my bff’s to fix their furnace. So the conversation goes like this:

R: I told Dad I’d be up there around 10 so if we get going by around 8 we can go to breakfast. But if we sleep till 9, well…

Me: Got it. Well, I will be home doing exciting things like laundry.

R (to the cat) (Yes, we talk to the cats. We don’t have kids. it’s totally normal): That’s code for “spinning” or “knitting socks” you know. She’s making future laundry.

Me (slack jawed and with a certain note of terror): Future laundry? You BASTARD!

Cuz he’s right. In that one, single sentence to the cat, he brought reality crashing in around me. I’m making laundry. Literally! ACK! I hate laundry. Well, I don’t mind the washing so much when I get to the laundry room and can throw the load right in. Happens about 50% of the time- the other 50% there’s a (usually forgotten) load of his work clothes in the washer that I have to transfer to the dryer first. This wouldn’t even be bad were it not for the 95% chance that there’s a partial load of his work clothes still in the dryer that I have to either fold, hang up & put away or pile on the counter which also serves to make me mad because I have a huge counter and no place to fold because of the heaps of laundry always on the counter (he does his work stuff, I do the non-work stuff and my stuff for the most part). So, as you may have guessed I absolutely LOATH the laundry process by the time I get to the folding. There is no way to fold a basket of clothes in the main living spaces with 3 kittens. You can’t do it. Hell, I can’t even get my pants on in the morning without at least one of the kids clawin’ at the leg of my pants like they’re the greatest dangly toy in the world. So my hubby jokingly telling the cat this morning that I was creating future laundry with every stitch was almost more than I could take. Especially since I was still on my first can of caffeine. To make matters worse, instead of enjoying my regularly scheduled day off where I’d planned to sit at the wheel and spin myself silly, I’m at work. Festering on this revelation. Hopefully I can beat the thought back by lunch time and blissfully knit away. But I think I will always resent this particular sock for the revelation it brought..

Ironically, it’s for my husband.


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