Go forth and dye fearlessly

I am in a really fun place right now. I am enjoying my spinning wheel even more than I’d have imagined possible. Which is impossible to imagine, really, I’ve wanted to learn to do this for so long that it’s usually a let down when the dream becomes a reality… But there it is. My knitting is taking a back seat to the wheel; I think I’ve managed about 20 rows since Saturday which is pathetic progress on a plain vanilla sock, especially for a girl who still has a couple of Christmas knitting projects on the list of things to do, but I just can’t bring myself to care. The fact that Millie’s small and quiet enough to exist in the living room means if I have time to spare, I’m spinning.

The fun for me is that I am decidedly still in the “practice” phase. I’m happy to produce yarn that is knitable, but not spinning with a particular goal or project in mind. It’s all about the discovery right now- how consistent can I make my singles? Do I like 2 ply or 3 ply best? What weight am I spinning at now? There are goals, of course, but I am working on the basics for now. And this means that I have a fearless streak going with my practice skeins. I know I can turn out yarn. I’m even turning out half way decent looking yarn. But what ELSE can I do with it?

Last night I decided to give dying a shot. I’ve read a number of bits about Kool Aid dying and it sounded amusing enough to try. Bonus, it’s CHEAP! For all of $2, I completely changed two skeins of somewhat dull handspun into something I can’t WAIT to turn into something else. I’m thinkin’ the red might become a hat for me (if I remember right I have a little over 200 yards of it) and the blue, well, I have no idea. Its only 50-60 yards of 3 ply, not enough to do anything major, but it’ll become something. Something more fun than 3 strands of gray would have been destined for at any rate.  Currently I’m working up as much as I can cram onto a bobbin of boring off white mixed breed that I have ready access to in ridiculous quantities. You can bet your sweet bippy it won’t be white for long! I’m thinkin’ hand painted… But who knows. I have a lot of hours of spinning ahead to think about it.  Seriously fun for me!

Sorry for the lousy picture, only had time for a quick cellphone shop this morning. I’ll have to break out the big girl camera and upload some decent ones later, but the details, in case you care:

On the left, this one started out as 2 singles of dark gray Shetland and one of a light gray Corriedale, both the natural color straight off the sheep. Since I only had about 2oz of yarn, I used 2 packets of Blue Raspberry Koolaid.

On the right, it started like this:

Pink & Gray Corridale experiment

I used 3 packets of Cherry Berry Blast and 2 of Blue Raspberry Lemonade. I was hoping for something a bit more burgundy but I’m not at all unhappy with the result. Being my first experiment with both dying and color mixing, I think it turned out pretty well, actually!


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