I did the strangest thing…

If you’ve read my last few posts, it will come as no surprise when I tell you I am
madly in love with my latest crafty undertaking.  Spinning is, for me at least, spectacular fun and highly relaxing.  I’ve always found a bit of Zen in repetitive motion activities. Perhaps not the best thing for my joints, but for my brain they are the ultimate candy. So I guess it makes sense that spinning would hold such appeal, I’m only (slightly) surprised in how quickly I’ve gotten comfortable with the process and am turning out yarn I’m actually proud of. Faster than I’m coming up with ways to use it actually!

You’ve seen my early efforts here and here.  This is where the weird starts… First I took half a bobbin of gray Corriedale and decided to ply it with pink Corriedale (which I had to spin for this purpose. My first bit of pink Corriedale is something I’d rather not think about. Wonky hardly does it justice- AMAZING what a wheel with more finesse in its tension can do for a girl! So I knew I had about 2 oz of gray left, I weighed out a similar amount of pink & set about spinning it. The combination is weird because, honestly, I still have a hang up about pink & gray together that stems from a nearly ugly high school graduation incident. Pink gowns for the girls, gray for the boys. Nuff said. So that was odd. Then I decided to over dye it. With Kool Aid. Its a very simple process that isn’t at all uncommon in the fiber world, hand dying with something entirely non-toxic, is readily available and dirt cheap…. Hardly odd at all. Until you picture dinner cooking on one burner and yarn cooking on another. I used the “turbo” burner for the yarn of course, wouldn’t want to cook dinner too quickly but sheep… No worries! But this still isn’t the truly odd bit. I’m getting to that…

So I look at this RED skein of hand spun yarn, happy with the tone on tone color I got from the Kool Aid. and I decide I shall knit a hat! It’s November in Wisconsin. Positively nothing at all odd about wanting to knit a hat, right? SO I hit Ravelry for a pattern. Had an idea in mind and I found it, downloaded it and cast on. Didn’t have the exact needles but I decided an 8 couldn’t be all that different from a 9, especially since my yarn wasn’t exactly commercial grade in thickness and all. Honestly I was only guessing at the approximate weight anyway! But, as everyone knows, instructions are for sissies so off I went. And I knit this hat start to finish in 3 nights. Only one of which involved no spinning time. And I didn’t even stay up late to do it. It was a pretty quick knit, only 60 rows or so. And I tried it on. Which is where it gets strange…

It was AWFUL!  The hat turned out pretty much exactly as I expected it to in every way so I was actually quite pleased it was horrid on me! (see… Strange!) I was afraid after all the time spent spinning, plying, washing, drying, dying, drying, winding and knitting, I was terrified I would love my hat. Because, you see, I never meant for it to be my hat. I knit it to give to our neighbor as a birthday gift. I don’t know her particularly well but I like her just the same. I know she’s the artsy type, so I wasn’t worried about the awkward homemade gift moment (You know the one. The pained smile and poorly faked enthusiasm… “Oh. Wow. You made me a *insert homemade gift of choice*. Thanks.” muttered through gritted teeth in a nearly mono-tone voice that oozes loathing with every syllable… We’ve all had that moment… It’s soul crushing). And I know she loves hats. So I figured it would be a “safe” gift. But still… I GAVE AWAY my very first project with my very own hand spun yarn!  I’m both proud of my efforts and my follow through on actually giving it up. She loves the hat. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say at least a small part of me can’t believe I GAVE AWAY my first hand spun project… That’s just weird, man. I don’t care who you are… That’s weird.


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