Monthly Archives: December 2011

I can finally share!

Well, another Orgy of Greed has come and gone with much fanfare, delicious food and general merriment. I think I enjoy the food part best. We once again carried on the fine family tradition of steak for Christmas dinner. So love that my brother is allergic to turkey and in my family there really was never a question about what the most appropriate substitute should be. Slab-o-Cow of course! So for Christmas Eve dinner with the nieces & grandkids, we enjoyed tenderloins, baked ‘taters, salad and stuffed ‘shrooms. Yum. I could eat that every day. Honestly. Every. Day.

Once the food was consumed, it was on to presents. So much fun this year enjoying a two and a half year old opening her presents! She gets it this year. REALLY gets it. Gets it so much that any box wrapped in pretty paper was clearly intended for her to open regardless of whose name is on the tag or what said box might contain. Didn’t matter. It was meant for A to open. Never mind that O wanted a crack at the ripping and the tearing, too…  So as always, the shopping, the knitting, the sewing and the wrapping which take months to complete were unveiled in a matter of mere moments. It always amazes me, no matter how large the pile, it always takes negative 2.2 minutes to tear through everything and find yourself in a pile of discarded paper, abandoned boxes and a tiny looking pile of leftover “stuff” you’ll soon find new homes for and shower with (hopefully) much love.

On that, I bring you this year’s Orgy of Green in pictures

This is as close to "under the tree" as presents get.

See A! I can do rip the paper, too!

Gamma, Stop taking my picture and get to the food. I want PRESENTS!

Daddy's hat's nice and stretchy! Good job Grandma!

Auntie "Jesana" modeling her scarf while A helps out with the mittens

Hubby testing out his new hat (made from my handspun) while getting his first glance at the stealth quilting project

Grandpa & The girls checking out his new bankie

Nothing says family picture time like sticking your finger up your nose!

Mr. Bear was exhausted after all the festivities so A tucked him in for a little nap.

All in all, another fun family Christmas in what has become our little tradition. It truly is a joy to watch the girls, bit and little, grow and change. It’s fun to spoil everyone just a little bit at Christmas, passing along some of the joy I remember from Christmas’s past and learning to appreciate how many blessings I have enjoyed over the years and to share that with those I love. I really couldn’t ask for much more from life.