So it turns out I might not be big on change

This past week marked some fairly significant anniversaries in my life. It was the weekend after Thanksgiving 13 years ago that I moved in with my hubby. He was still my fiancé at the time (yes, Jill, I did have a boyfriend!) and by still, I mean I’d known him for nearly 4 whole months by then! Turns out that worked out pretty well since, well, my not being big on the whole change thing means we’re still putting up with each other’s quirks, enabling each other’s habits and generally still smitten with one another. At least most of the time. So I’m pretty glad there’s been no change in this area. Well, admittedly, maybe a change of house wouldn’t have been the worst thing, but this one fits our family of 2 +4, the payments don’t suck and we own more of it than the bank does. All in all, probably another solid vote against change there.

The second major anniversary was that of starting my job. Technically I’m not at the same job as I’ve changed positions several times, I retired for a short period of time and I was sold with the firm coming up on 10 years ago as of the new year, but still, those weren’t necessarily changes that were within my control.  Well, the retirement part was but it turns out its probably a bad idea to retire at 26. I still got bored too easily and hadn’t amassed enough of a stash to maintain my sewing habit so I needed to work in order to pay for future stash enhancements. I’ve since embraced knitting, too, which means a whole nother stash that needs enhancing. We won’t even get into the latest stash necessity other than to again say, it’s a really good thing I came out of retirement and went back to the job that’s turned into more of a career and that I still really really enjoy all these years later. It would seem stupid to change that now, don’t you think?

Other things I’ve avoided changing- my socks & shirt. 12 Sundays (or Mondays or Thursdays) running, same Packer t-shirt, same game day socks. Yep. They’re getting pretty nasty. There’s no denying that, but when your team is on a 12-0 run (with a 6 game streak at the end of last season no less), again, there are things you just don’t change. Trust me on this…


2 responses to “So it turns out I might not be big on change

  1. I’m a hockey fan. I so get it.

    • I wish I had decent hockey. We have a good AHL team who play literally FEET from my office but I’ve not yet convinced my hubby of the joy of live hockey… Grrr.

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