A long over due update

I’ve been a bad blogger. I admit it. I didn’t mean for this to happen, I actually really enjoy the blogging thing. It’s fun to record the highlights, chronicle the cute things my furry kids do, track projects I’m working on, the whole thing, but sometimes life gets in the way and you discover days pass with hardly enough time to breath let alone blog. I hope this changes very soon, my new staff member starts today so hopefully this means my world will calm down a bit, I’ll be able to get back to my regularly scheduled Friday’s off and I’ll have more time to do the things I love. In the mean time, here’s a run down on a few of the things I’ve been doing in the rare moments off:

First, I finished these for hubby.  I didn’t mean to make them from him when I started, they were supposed to by my MIL’s Christmas socks. But they were too big. But because I stubbornly refused to believe this truth until I was pretty well committed to the first sock, he claimed them for his own. The stupidity on my part was this meant adding his socks to the project list with Christmas knitting still to be accomplished. On the up side. I got an early start, I didn’t over commit myself and I got these done while still leaving several weeks for the last few projects.

Next, during my Thanksgiving Staycation, I turned this

into these,

then into 250ish yards of 3 ply DKish weight yarn. Very fun! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my spinning wheel? This was only the start of the week’s spinning, too. I spun a similar sized hank of black/gray/white Corriedale and got a good start on 350 yards of tan Polwarth that I plied & washed Sunday. Photos of that will happen once it’s dry.

I previously mentioned that I finished a stealth quilting project. That one still has to wait for pictures but I do at least get to show it off at my next quilting night at Ye Olde School House. This makes me very very happy.

There have been a couple of project bags, too. Very cute little things, I forgot to take pictures though. I’ll get on that. A bit more time in the sewing room yesterday means 2 more Christmas presents done there, too. I’m making some of my favorite shopping bags for my nieces. Aren’t they cute? My nieces I mean, not the bags. No pictures of those either…

Thanksgiving was a quiet family affair. Just us, the aforementioned nieces and the grandkids. I love our little tradition and I always enjoy spending time with these two.

A & Gamma

Gamma is hands down my favorite thing in the world to answer to. I even get some love from O now. A has been free with the Gamma love from the word go, but O has been a little more of a challenge. Haven’t gotten to spend near as much time with her which completely sucks, but we’re getting there.

Then there’s the furry kids. I enjoyed getting some extra cuddle time in with them while I was off. In changing computers, cleaning out old emails and other such stuff recently, I found a video of when they had first started spending time in the house. I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten! The have such different personalities but they are all snuggly little beasties who definitely make life in our house a lot more entertaining. 

So entertaining, in fact, that we still haven’t figured out what to do with about a Christmas tree this year. I hate to not have one, but putting a climbable device covered in breakables is a disaster looking for a place to have an accident. So for now, I’ve tucked Tess into her cabinet (still have Abigail in the sewing room for finishing up the last minute Christmas projects and any random need to stitch that might occur) and set up this instead:

According to my Grandpa’s date, the tree was purchased in 1939. I used to think it was weird that Grandpa dated pretty much everything that came into the house. Now, I’ve started doing it myself because it’s fascinating to come across things like Great Grandma’s aluminum, lighted Christmas tree and be able know that it came to be more than 80 years ago. Hubby restrung it with new lights this year because the original wiring was, well, scary as hell, and we didn’t have replacement bulbs for it, but it makes me incredibly happy to set this little tree up because it was a fixture on the stereo in Grandma & Grandpa’s dining room. Wish I had the bowling pin Santa & Mrs. Clause to go with it because that would really complete the scene, but the tree will have to do. Maybe for the full season because the kittens seem to be leaving it alone for the most part…


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