It’s not weird…

That I washed 18 pair of socks on Saturday, is it? I mean 18 pair that I’ve knit, of course. Or should I have focused on the 18? Nah. That’s too much like a commentary on my crappy housekeeping skills. Lets pretend I never brought it up. Lets stick to the 18 hand knit pair. I washed 3 dozen socks. For real! The linger bag I used to machine wash my hand knits was stuffed so full I could nearly have used it for a pillow. I should have taken a picture of the massive sock drying operation that was going on in the bathroom. It was crazy.

Wanna know what’s crazier? That wasn’t all my hand knit socks. I think I stopped counting at 28 pair. Just for me. There have been 4 pair knit for my hubby (in real sock fashion I mean, probably 3 or 4 pair of foot sweaters for each of us before I learned the finer points of sock knitting). I’m working on the 3rd pair for my MIL. I’ve knit at least 2 other pair as give aways.

Dang. That’s a lot of socks.


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