In The Home Stretch

It was a productive weekend. Quite by accident, actually. I love that. It went a little like this:

Saturday morning, breakfast at The Coffee Pot in Fredonia. Strawberry crepes. And jasmine pearl green tea. Yum. I took the tea myself. LOVE my Teavana stainless tumbler. So far I’ve even remembered to bring it and the steeping basket back and forth to work with me every day. Yay me!

After breakfast, home to finish the last 2 sewing projects I’d slated for Christmas.- two more shopping bags for my nieces. This makes scarf & mitten sets and 2 shopping bags each. Couple of other little things to wrap or stuff their stockings and I think I did pretty well.  Followed that up with a bit of spinning and some knitting. Heel turned and leg started on sock #2 to complete the pair for my MIL.

Saturday night, watched Cars 2. We were afraid they’d jumped the shark, how could they top the first Cars movie? Couldn’t happen. And while I won’t necessarily say they topped it, it was hugely spectacular and worth watching for the average Pixar fan. Some of the lines and sight gags put into the mix to entertain the adults are just spectacular. Loved it. AND, more importantly, I finished Scottie’s sock! Which made a pair. Another Christmas Knitting Project off the list!

Sunday was the traditional bagels for breakfast. Then grocery shopping, Costco and a quick swing through PetSmart for kitty litter, a few more Christmas sparkle balls and a new collar for Bubbles. Can’t find where she hid the last one so I gave up trying. This means I’ll find it any minute now. But at least she’s got one and they all look smart in their little baubles. Makes it easier to hear when they’re up to no good. An important thing as you’ll understand later…

Home to bake cookies for hubby’s lunch, cook up the shrimp we’d planned to have for dinner so they had lots of time to chill, stir up my Grandma’s gingersnaps and watch the early game.  Decided I should get at wrapping all the gifts I need to send out to California so down to the sewing room I went to tackle that. Got about half way through wrapping ALL the gifts, packed the CA-bound goodies into a box that couldn’t have been a more perfect fit if I’d picked it out just for the purpose (but actually came containing the knife block my MIL sent ME for Christmas). If I’d have quit here, I’d have been satisfied with the day’s accomplishments. But at barely 3:00 there was a lot of day left. So upstairs I went in order to not miss kick off on the big screen (I’m an NFL owner now, I can’t be expected to watch my team on the pathetic little 25″ screen can I?). While watching, I rolled out the gingersnaps and got them baked, then decided since the oven was hot, I may as well go ahead and bake the sugar cookies, too. For those local to the general Cedarburg area, if you haven’t already discovered Downtown Dough‘s sugar cookies, you must go there. NOW. I mean it. Stop reading and go get some cookies.

Once all the cookies were baked, I sat down to cast on another Christmas project. A simple hat- the World War II Classic Watch cap. I’ve already knit one for hubby so I know it’s simple and fast. This one was knit with a skein of my hand spun yarn. It’s an early skein and I’m not ashamed to tell you, it’s wonky as hell! But it’s fun. Definitely an original. And it’s a great reminder of how quickly my skills have improved since I bought my wheel. The Packers won in spectacular fashion and good progress was made on the hat. So then it was on to dinner.

After dinner I figured why not, lets go ahead and decorate those cookies right away. Then they’re over with and I only have peanut butter fingers, hay stacks and chocolate coating my Candy Cane Joe Joe’s to go. A very manageable bit of dealings for next weekend. And the best part- hubby agreed to help! He is not so into the Christmas thing so this was a shocker. And he did a good job! Set the cookies on the stove to cool until the oven was cool enough to put them in there for the night to let the icing set up and keep the kittens out. Epic fail on that one- a stealthy Bubbles managed to get onto the stove quietly enough to lick the frosting half off of 2 cookies without so much as a jingle. Or at least we forgot to pay attention to the jingle. We’ll learn. Someday. Anyway, cookies into the oven overnight (and until this evening), more progress on the hat.  OH! And most fun of all, I finished my Christmas shopping! The last bits were on line since it’s all bits that get shipped to CA anyway (yes, I do spoil my nephew. Why do you ask?)

All in all, a pretty good bit of holiday frenzy accomplished with very little stress. And tonight it got even better. Well, first the funny… We have created what I am quite certain will become the next sensation in holiday baking- Twice Baked Sugar Cookies! Remember those cookies setting up in the oven… Yeah. turns out when I asked hubby to start dinner, I’d forgotten about the cookies in the oven. And since I actually USE my oven for food instead of storage, he never thought to check it for anything before preheating it. So for dessert tonight we sampled- we did need to eat the Bubbles tested and approved cookies before serving them to guests, after all, and it turns out, they aren’t bad. A little dry, but like a nice shortbread dry, not hard and crumby. So we’re calling them a trend and going with it. We eat most of the things ourselves anyway…

Then it was time for TV and knitting. The hat I started yesterday is finished and I have cast on my LAST Christmas knitting project for the season! I got an early start so I wasn’t too worried about finishing, but when work blew up and live became a serious challenge, I thought I may have been a bit too ambitious. Turns out not only have I managed it, I’ve added a few extra projects and am still going to be done with time to spare. This last project is another hat, A Hat Fit For A Boyfriend. This, too, should prove a simple, fast knit, I expect I’ll have it finished in a couple of days even with that pesky work thing getting in the way, and then I’ll be done but for a bit more wrapping and the baking. I OWN Christmas this year! And I’ll share pictures just as soon as the knitting is off the needles & the photos are out of the camera.


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