The Twice Baked Cookie Caper

So, just in case you’ve gained the mistaken notion from the last few posts related to my raging holiday successes, there has been one significant debacle in the mix, too, so I thought today I’d share just to make you feel a little better.  It goes a little like this:we

Sunday during the Packer’s spectacular smack down on the Raiders, I decided I might as well get my sugar cookies baked since the oven was hot from getting the Gingersnaps done. Didn’t really plan to frost & decorate, just thought if they were baked, it would be one less task left on the To Do list and anything I can do to shorten that list makes me happy.  So I baked ’em and let them cool.

After dinner, I decided why not. They’re baked, they’re cool, lets just decorate and be done with it. So I mixed up my powdered sugar icing, tinted it a smashing shade of green (I limited myself to 2 dozen sugar cookies this year cuz we really don’t need to eat many more than that, but that meant just one shape. Between trees, stars and snowmen I decided trees were the best showcase for the fun  cookie toppings I have amassed recently, plus, they’re really pretty low effort. I love both of those things!), busted out the sprinkles, talked hubby into helpings with the decorating (Epic. Trust me on this one. I think it was the first time in 13 years together I got him to do more than just help EAT the cookies) and away we went. Two dozen cookies went quite quickly so I put the cookie sheet full of trees on the stove to start setting up- I knew the oven was the better choice but I’d used it for dinner so it was still cooling off.

Bed time rolls around- time to put the cookies into the oven to keep curious kittens from helping themselves. But of course you KNOW how sneaky curious kittens are, Miss Bubbles in particular, and of course one cookie was laying face down on the stove and another had a good bit of frosting licked off. We couldn’t get her to show us her green tongue to verify her guilt, but since we’d spent much time admiring Lily’s cute poses in the top of her tower and Spike had been comfortably curled up on my lap since we’d finished decorating, well, lets just say Sherlock Holmes was not needed to solve this mystery. So into the oven the cookies went so that they’d be good and dry when I bagged them up on Monday.

Fast forward to Monday evening. I was a bit late leaving the office (not an uncommon experience) and hubby called to check where I was, BFF had called with furnace troubles so he wanted to go fix them up but wanted to take my car to do it. So I told him my dinner plan and said if he wanted to get it started, I should be home by the time everything was ready, we could eat and he could head up to Waldo. So he fired up the oven, went down to the freezer to search for the Sweedish meatballs, start boiling the potatoes and I drove.

About 5 minutes from home, my phone rang again. About the time the phone rang, I had that lightbulb moment. You know the one- all of a sudden you remember one very important detail you failed to remind him of in your instructions… The one that went “Take the cookies out of the oven before you preheat it”….

You know the visions of a melted puddle of green slop with crispy, burnt cookies that’s going through your head right now? Oh yes. I had that moment. Along with the one that went “Oh hell! Now I have to go to Cedarburg on the Saturday before Christmas to get more friggin’ sugar cookies!” But as it turns out, Twice Baked cookies aren’t all together too bad. They’re a smidge dry, but in a shortbread kind of way, not an I baked the shit out of this cookie kind of way. The frosting held up amazingly well. And the sprinkles… Lets just say we’re putting those in the same category as Twinkies from here on out- the one labeled “Things I don’t want to ask questions about because their ability to survive just about every disaster you can think of and i don’t want to know how that’s possible”. So, if you find yourself eyeing up my cookie plate this year, be sure to try one of the Christmas Trees- you definitely want to be in on the front end of this spectacular new holiday sensation- Twice Baked Cookies! Cuz double baking ain’t just for potatoes anymore…


3 responses to “The Twice Baked Cookie Caper

  1. Kitty cat has cuteness down to a science huh! sure was patient enough to wait for the right moment for that yummy cookie prey lol 🙂

  2. There’s a reason she’s known as Belzebubbles…

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