Don't mind me mom, just getting comfortable.

We knew this was going to be an interesting Christmas. Three nearly 8 month old kittens really isn’t all that different than having a toddler or 3 in the house. Honestly. Sure, they might sleep a little more, but they can get into things even curious children can’t fathom. So there was no denying this one would be good for a few giggles. We weren’t even sure we were going to attempt a tree, honestly… It seemed like a disaster looking for a place to have an accident. But, since all of our “usual” Christmas traditions seem to be in limbo this year, we’ve also felt the need to make a more concerted effort to mark the occasion and not let it pass by like any average Sunday- me watching football, hubby with his nose buried in a game (or 20) of Sudoku…

The necessary preparatory steps have been taken. I’ve shopped. I’ve knit. I’ve sewn. I’ve wrapped. I’ve baked. I’m up to my eyeballs in gift baskets and “holiday” cards at work. The major tasks have been attended to but for on of my favorites- the tree. For a while we substituted with this. It’s an aluminum, lighted tree that belonged to my Great Grandmother. Appropriate to set it on the sewing machine cabinet, actually, since that was hers, too. I rescued (my word, my mom might argue snatched is a better word) the tree from Grandma’s basement before the final clean out of her house last summer. This tree always sat on the stereo cabinet in my grandparents dining room and it reminds me of many wonderful childhood Christmases. I love that hubby rigged it up with a new string of lights so that I can continue to enjoy it. But it still wasn’t a Christmas tree. And I still wasn’t sure I was brave enough to bring the bigger one up. But hubby decided he was.

Yesterday he hauled my little 4 1/2 foot tabletop tree out of the basement and onto the sewing machine cabinet. And the “kids” were instantly intrigued. there was much sniffing. A bit of gnawing, a lot of pawing at and chewing on both the lights and the garland strings, an occasional nibble at a bow, pretty much what I was expecting. So we’ve done a lot of random yelling of “Lily! NO!” “BUBBLES! NO!” “SPIKE! NO”, all to no avail. Turns out kittens listen even worse than toddlers.

Much to my surprise, there was a lot of climbing over “limbs” and through light & garland strands, but no actual climbing of the tree. We totally expected climbing of the tree- Lily LOVEs climbing so much we’ve nicknamed her Squirrel- she runs in circles up the post of their perch. She tries to climb the bedposts. Any chance she gets, she climbs. But the tree, no climbing. Until tonight…

Lily wrapped AROUND the center pole of the tree

Bubbles is the only one who’s really left the tree alone. She didn’t at first, but promptly got herself tangled in the garland. She loves to play with all things stringy or dangly UNTIL she gets tangled. So at least I’m only fighting 2 of the three, but it’s still going to be an interesting week with the tree up! Good thing we’ve strapped it to the cabinet…


2 responses to “SQUIRREL!

  1. I think that Lily and Ella would be a very bad combination. I don’t want to think about the trouble they could get into.

  2. Oh my! Cutest holiday photos I’ve seen in a while. Hope they don’t give you too much of a headache!

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