Holiday Fun

Time for a long-over do update on all things holiday preparation and otherwise… Now that I’m done with all the major projects, I actually have time to share! So here goes:

Mom's Socks

I don’t think she follows the blog so I’m not ruining any surprises and even if I am, she’s on an airplane to my brother’s and won’t be spending so much time on the computer, so I can share these. Since she lives in Florida, she doesn’t wear a lot of socks so I could get away with anklets. Made for a quicker project allowing plenty of time to get them mailed off before the holidays.

Scottie's Socks

More socks. These are for my MIL. This is the third pair I’ve knit for her, hoping it’s third time’s the charm. The first pair were a bit too saggy, the 2nd a great fit but the bind off was a bit too tight so it’s a chore to get one sock on. I think I have the size right and I’ve switched to Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretch Bind Off so I think I might just have it this time. The subtle cable was my concession to the plain vanilla socks she likes. I like something with a bit of a pattern so I can keep track of progress without any actual counting. I forgot the purls on either side of the cable so it is just a bit more of a twist than a cable to look at but it works.

Forgot the hat pictures. My bad. I’ll work on those when they can actually be modeled by their recipients. Same with the pictures from the sewing projects.

Now for the baking. This time I’ll share recipes. I kept it fairly simple this year. Grandma’s Gingersnaps and Peanut Butter Fingers are my must haves. Its not Christmas without them. This year was a little bitter sweet, it’s the first year of making them because she’s not here to do it, but I’ve been making them for several years already since she was wintering with my aunt in Michigan. To these we added the previously mentioned Twice Baked Sugar Cookies, Chocolate covered Candy Cane Joe Joes and haystacks (chow mien noodles & marshmallows covered in Chocolate) and I’ve called it good. I would love to bake more but the truth is we just don’t eat enough of the cookies to justify it and I don’t need the calories to begin with so I kept it in check this year as best as can be expected.

Now, for the miscellaneous. I haven’t had as much time to spin as I’d like lately but here are a few of the goodies I’ve managed since I got my wheel:

Multi-shade Corriedale

Multi-shade Cirriedale


Now I’m working on combining a couple different colors of roving into a single, will probably Navajo ply it (really, LOVE this technique. I’m not sure I’m supposed to, but I do. I love how the finished yarn looks) and then Kool Aid dye it. I’m trying to experiment with tone on tones by way of different colored bases. Eventually I’ll get to hand painting but it’s a bit outside my comfort zone just yet. tone on tone and spinning sock weight yarn are my shorter term goals. And now that I have the Christmas stuff all ready, I’ll have a lot more time to work on them.

Though I probably shouldn’t mention that I have a sock AND a sweater currently on my needles, should I? The sock isn’t really a surprise… I always have a sock on the needles. This one’s Hermione’s Everyday Sock  with a skein of Cascade Heritage Handpaints that I’ve had in my stash long enough to have tried and frogged a previous sock with. I’m about half way through the foot on the first sock at this point. Very fun pattern for a hand paited yarn. I may knit this one again.

The sweater is a bit more of a surprise. I don’t sew clothes so I’m a bit shocked at myself to discover I want to knit them, but it’s there. So on Saturday I cast on Hannah Fettig’s Autumnal. I’m going off the reservation ever so slightly by using Cascade Eco Alpaca which is an aran weight instead of the suggested Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light but I’m plowing ahead on the assumption that it’s a cardigan and one that’s supposed to be cozy at that so if it’s a bit oversized, I’m not that worried. And it’s so baby soft  and delicious, I can’t put down the knitting. I got about 7″ of the body knit in just over one day… Here’s hoping the progress continues…


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  1. I love Polwarth. Yours turned out very nicely 🙂

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