Monthly Archives: January 2012

It’s been a remarkably productive month!

AS a general rule, I’ve not been particularly good at keeping track of finished projects. Frankly, I’ve never been particularly good at finishing projects to keep track of! Knitting has been something of a new leaf for me, at least where the latter is concerned. For 2 years I’ve been pretty good at keeping the official “on the needles” projects to one at a time. The last couple of months have been a bit different. I’ve gone up to two projects. One, very portable, a sock. I can take it to work and knit during lunch, I can take it to breakfast and knit while I’m waiting for my food to come. I can use it to keep my hands busy so I don’t use them to put food into my pie-hole. Portable projects are good.

The other project has been a bit more, well, for me at least, epic. Strictly at home knitting. Larger in size, multiple skeins of yarn needed to get from start to finish, generally not very portable.


First it was my sweater. Finished that on the 19th. Blocked it and debuted it as work wear last week. Very warm. Which is probably good cuz it means I won’t be inclined to wear it nearly so often since my office is terminally stuck on Gates of Hell where the thermostat is concerned.  Cuz not wearing it much means I won’t have to wash it much. As previously mentioned, wet alpaca WREAKS! Ugh! But anyway, finishing my sweater left the “at home” needles free for something new.

Clapotis was cast on. And it was one of those funny sorts of projects. I didn’t much enjoy knitting the scarf. It wasn’t difficult, at least not once I got past the first couple of rows when I had the pattern ah-ha moment and figured out exactly what I was doing with each step and, therefore, each row. But somehow or another, it just felt putzy. And not necessarily in the way that I enjoy, like I can knit endless rows on a sock, never changing the stitch pattern, and I can remain content for days. So knitting Clapotis was an “ehh” kind of project.

But I LOVE the scarf. I am NOT a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. My version of “accessorizing” is wearing earrings, a necklace, a watch and my wedding ring. I don’t do costume jewelry. I don’t do scarves. But I LOVE this scarf. I wore it to work today, never mind the spring-like 50 degrees today, I wore my Clapotis. And I gotta tell you, I felt pretty fabulous. So much so that I’m contemplating making another… Decidedly odd for a project I didn’t love knitting, don’t you think?

The Clapotis took me all of a week to knit. It went on the needles on the 20th and was off a week later. That’s impressive! And, needles free again, it was time for the dead fish hat. Yep. You read right. Dead. Fish. Hat.

Thing is, when you live in a “winter” state, you are going to need a hat. And hats are, as a general rule, more of a pain in the ass than they’re worth. Forget having a good hair day, I’m just happy if I don’t sport the sort of spiked ‘do that comes from sticking your finger in a light socket after removing a hat. Static hardly begins to describe it…   So I am not the worlds biggest fan of hats. I will, for vanity’s sake, refuse to wear one on my way into the office under all but the worser of weather circumstances. Luckily I have remote start on my car so I can warm things up and make the 20 foot dash without incident and my trip into the office is only slightly farther. But on the way home, I will surrender to weather conditions and throw on a hat on one condition… The hat MUST qualify as a “stupid hat”. The sort that keeps your head warm but will never… EVER… land you on the cover of a magazine. Ear flapped ski hat has been the go to for the last few years. But not anymore… Oh no friends. I shall now wear with pride my supremely awesome Dead Fish Hat.

Admit it. You know you want one. Go for it. Knit your own. Took me 2 days of knitting and a bit of sewing time this evening to finish it. I LOVE quick knits!

So there you have it. The sum total of 31 days of knitting. a sock and a half (Hermione’s Every Day socks are nearing completion. Second sock has a foot and at least a third of a leg), a sweater, a scarf & a hat. Golly. I’ve darn near knit myself a trousseau this month. Sure, it’s a weird, wooly, only sort of grown up kind of trousseau, but you know what? It makes me happy. And that, after all, really is the meaning of life- doing what you love! SO as the month of my birth wanes, I can stare at my little pile of knitterly goodness and have great hope for the year ahead. I see much more wool-induced happiness in my future.

And God help me, I’m already thinking about this year’s Christmas knitting…