Off to the races

Inspiration has struck! Be afraid…

While catching up on Ravelry message boards this morning, I came across a post where someone shared the collection of socks she’d knit on the year. This got me started thinking. I know I knit quite a lot but I am not always so great at documenting my finished objects. So I said, “Self, you started a blog just for this very purpose. Use it.” So I hereby resolve to properly document the sum total of my 2012 finished objects.

But that wasn’t quite enough. See, the next thing I did was wander a few of my favorite knitting related online shopping outlets. Eat Sleep Knit is a new discovery, learned about them around Thanksgiving time and have been enjoying poking around ever since. Their “frequent shopper” program is a Yarnathon– they track how many yards of yarn you purchase and you earn perks at certain mile markers all the way up to a full marathon (26.3 miles). Now. We know fill well that this girl is never going to RUN a marathon. That would be insane. But I’m all but certain I could BUY a yarnathon. But of course my stash is already approaching SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy), my house is small and my storage is limited,  so maybe BUYING a marathon isn’t the wisest idea I could enter the new year with. But KNITTING a marathon? Or SPINNING a marathon? Now these sound like FUN!

So here’s the plan: I’m going to track both my knitting and spinning mileage on the year. 1760 yards in a mile, 26.3 miles in a marathon, so that’s a mere 42,288 yards of spinning or knitting! OK, I don’t actually expect to hit a full marathon, even by combining the two, but I’m going to track it and see how far I get. The first two projects to help me along the way to my marathon:


Big boring blob of blank knitting. But it's gonna be AWESOME in the end

Hannah Fetig’s Autumnal Cardigan. I have 17″ knit so far. Most of it was knit in 2011, obviously, but I just had to add in a fresh skein of yarn this afternoon so I’ll forego the yardage knit at the end of the last skein and start counting with the new skein today. This one’s easy since I’m using 220 yard skeins of Cascade Eco Alpaca. 22o yards at a crack is easy to track!

Sock, Packer Pillow Pet, Project bag made by me! What's not to love?

Also on the needles right now is Hermione’s Everyday Sock. I am 2 rows from turning the heel on the first sock. I know that I generally use about 300 yards for a pair of socks (it’s good to have small feet) so I will estimate that I am 75 yards in with the 2011 knitting and pick up counting from this point forward.

And finally, for a bit of gratuitous photo sharing, this is what happens when you put a defenseless Christmas tree up against 3 eight month old kittens… EPIC loss for the tree…

The latest Cat Climbing Post

Time to knit now or I’m never going to get close to a marathon.



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