It seems ever since the late-October-work-related-insanity began that I have increasingly lacked balance.  I manage the 2 month crazies fairly well. Don’t think I had even one serious meltdown, so that was good, but it came in the midst of holiday prep, furiously knitting to finish up a few gifts, stealth sewing like a banshee to get hubby’s quilt finished and a myriad of other things that needed to be done and a lack of time to do them. But do them I did, and I managed it all. So this is good. I am proud of all I got through without any major incident.

But still I cannot regain my balance. I want to blog more. I want to spin. I want to knit all the things. I want to keep up with correspondence with my dear friends and family flung to the far reaches of the globe (or at least the contiguous 48 plus a few). But I can’t seem to gain my footing back. So for now, I think I’ll beg a little forgiveness and try not to worry so much about it. I’ll consider myself lucky that this “stress” I claim over lacking balance is mostly related to the fun things I do. And since they are supposed to help me relax, I’ll breath a little more, and worry a little less. I’ll track my personal yarn marathon progress and I’ll knit. Just one or two of the things. I’ll spin. I’ll focus on the joy in doing all things I love.

And I’ll share the progress I’ve made thus far:

First, the Cardigan

Autumnal in progress

I’m pleased with the progress I’ve been making on it. This week saw the completion of the body including the first bit of shoulder seaming I’ve done to date. I didn’t technically seam, I did a 3 needle bind off. I’m pleased with the results. Its not perfect but for a first attempt, I’m happy. And since this picture, I’ve accomplished somewhere around half a sleeve. There, too, I braved things a bit on my own, instead of knitting the sleeve flat, seaming and doing the true set in sleeve as the pattern calls for, I chose to pick up stitches and knit my sleeves in the round from the top down. the advantage I have as a sock knitter is that short rows don’t scare me. So it didn’t seem to intimidating to follow my instinct and learn an extra step or two in this grand experiment. Hoping the next few days will bring the completion of the first sleeve and be onto #2. I have 4 full skeins of yarn left so I’m hoping I’ll have enough to finish the sweater, but time will tell.

So far, my knitting yardage total on the year is somewhere around 330 yards on the sweater plus a handful on my sock-in-progress.  I have 4 rows left on the heel flap, then I can knit the left and come up with something more official.

Then the spinning. Oh how I do love the spinning! I have 2 projects to share this week, first a skein I can’t count in the spinning yardage since it was done at the end of 2011,  and I don’t think I should count dyed yardage since there’s little work involved, but I love how this skein turned out so I’m sharing anyway. Sadly the yardage is light, only about 150. I was impatient, spinning with the idea of dying in the end and I wanted to get to that part before I spun enough yardage to make socks out of. So I’m not sure what this purple & blue bit of happy will grow up to be, but it’ll be fun, whatever it is!

Next is the undyed bit of merino I started the year on. It is my first official success at a full sized skein of sock weight yarn!  I ended up with a little over 360 yards from somewhere around 4 ounces of roving. Finished product is 19 WPI. It’s currently soaking in a water & lemon juice solution to be dyed this afternoon. Still haven’t settled on my color combination but I have a whole collection of Wilton icing gels to choose from. Gonna be fun to to see what I come up with.


Yards Knit: 330

Yards Spun: 480

TOTAL yards of yarny goodness: 810

That’s almost half a mile in 7 days! Yay me!


2 responses to “Balance

  1. That’s awesome! You’ve made great progress for such a short time. I need to get my wheels out of the bedroom and back to the living room. I wish I could spin and knit at the same time 😉

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