I have a library card!

OK, I know… This really shouldn’t be post-worthy. Especially not if you know me. I don’t think I’ve been without leisure reading since I was around 8. For anyone keeping score, that will be 30 years ago come Tuesday. I spent most of my formative years combing the stacks at the library for the next great read. And we had a surprisingly good library for a town of under 8,000 people. Heck… My first “collect a paycheck” job was at the library!

So really, the remarkable thing here is that I haven’t had a library card for the last  13 years of my life! I did check out the local library shortly after moving to town but, I’ll be honest, it’s even more pathetic than my college library was and that is not a good thing! So there wasn’t any real point. Sure, I could have taken advantage of some of the fiction offerings, but my hubby introduced me to Half Priced Books around the time I moved in so I spent the first 10-ish years buying a lot of secondhand reads and relying on my fairly substantial personal library.

Then I got my first Kindle. And I’ve only read one book in paper since. I’m addicted. I love the convenience of e-books. I have a clever little iPad stand that I rest my book in at lunch and can read without hands, only needing to push a button to turn pages. I love that I can carry hundreds of books with me everywhere I go. And best of all, I love that I’m registered to my brother’s account so I can “steal” any of the books he buys for free! So really, it’s just about as good as a library! And I don’t even have to give ’em back when I’m done reading!

But here’s the thing. Turns out, I like to read series from the beginning. And he didn’t start reading one particular series on his Kindle from the beginning. He picked up somewhere around book 10. So I started buying the beginning books myself. Only when Amazon was forced to let the publishers set the price for their books, these older books got more expensive than the paperbacks would be! I’m not entirely opposed to paying for them, but its sort of a crap deal from the publishers…

Then a few days back a friend told me about Overdrive– the e-book lending system our library system is using. Quite a cool little set up, really. I go online, surf a substantial selection of books available for loan. I get to decide if I want a 7, 14 or 21 day lending period, “check out” the book and I’m whisked off to Amazon’s site to load the book into my Kindle using their Whispernet feature. Apparently, when my loan period is up, the book disappears from my Kindle and we are done. This ROCKS! Cuz it turns out, as an adult, I SUCK at returning library books on time! The library is off my beaten path and, well, I forget.

So today, I finally did it. I got myself a library card. And I reserved the next Jack Reacher novel I’m due up for in the series. And I checked out Unbroken. Now I need to finish reading the damned sparkly vampire series (again. I’m so ashamed of my inner girl) so I can get on to something with substance again. And be ready for fluff when my new Reacher book is available. I think I really missed the library! Even if the form I will be using has changed, there’s just something exciting about coming home with a new read (or, say, sitting in my cozy chair and downloading it… Same deal, right?)

Now… Back to my regularly scheduled Friday off knitting time. I’m nearing completion of sleeve number 2. Hoping to be well into the collar by the end of the weekend. Wish me luck!


3 responses to “I have a library card!

  1. Never too late to get started on a library collection! grats 🙂

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  3. Hey, my first job was at a library too!!! And enjoy your books 🙂

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