An Out of Body Experience

The strangest thing happened on Saturday.  Well, actually, Saturday in general was rather strange, so this exceptionally weird thing happened on this weird day. Starting from the beginning:

We ordered new furniture the day after Christmas and in preparation for the new stuff, had to list some old stuff on Craigslist to sell it before the new is delivered.  Finally had a for-real interested buyer for our Poang Chairs who came on Saturday to look at and purchase them. Clearing that amount of stuff out of the room inspired us to do the rearranging that will need to take place to put the new stuff in. So we started moving. Which led to one of those “you know” moments. You know… Since we have the chairs out, there’s enough room to move things around to the new configuration. Followed by You know… Since everything is in the middle of the room NOW, maybe we should just go ahead and paint the 2 walls we’ve talked about painting to cover the extreme-ick that happened when the table was against one of the 2 walls.

So at 1:30 in the afternoon, knowing we HAD to finish because the outlaws were coming the next afternoon and we were meeting them all for lunch an hour away from home before they came over, there was no time to deal with anything Sunday, we headed for the local big box home improvement store to buy paint and various other sundries to tackle the project. Got home, masked off the woodwork, tarped the carpet since we couldn’t use it as a drop cloth this time, and got me set up to do the edging while hubby put the Wagner Paint Stick back together for doing the walls. In the event you’ve never introduced yourself to this miracle of modern man you must before you EVER paint another wall… Trust me. The $23 and squirt of excess paint you’ll waste during clean up is so worth the time you save in painting. For real.

So anyway… He couldn’t find all the parts so he went back to the big box to buy a replacement. And while he was gone, I pretty much finished the edging. So he hit the walls with coat #1 and we settled in for drying time. We decided a 2nd coat on the walls was necessary so he loaded up the paint stick and hit the walls with a 2nd coat. Things dried relatively quickly, the kittens didn’t create any paint disasters or leave any paw prints on the wall so we were happy.  A couple more hours of cleaning things up, shoving furniture hither and yon and we were finally ready to settle in and relax a bit. This is where it gets weird.

As ya’ll may have guessed by now, relaxing means it’s time to play with sticks & string. Friday I finished the 2nd sleeve on my cardigan and while waiting for my furniture buyer, I started picking up the stitches for the shawl collar. So once I’d settled in, I set to picking up the remaining stitches and knitting a single row before beginning the K1P1 rib that makes up the collar. To say I am less than enthusiastic about what feels like MILES of K1P1 rib would, perhaps, be the understatement of the year, but I love the sweater and I’m anxious to complete it so I push on. And I swear to you, it felt like I was trying to knit with someone else’s hands.

I won’t go so far as to say I’m an expert knitter by any stretch of the imagination, but I am definitely past the “noob” phase. I can knit ’round the campfire with little to no light. I can knit while reading my Kindle or watching TV & feel any potential mistakes before I can see them.  K1P1 is like reading Fun With Dick And Jane after reading War & Peace. The only thing easier would be straight stockinette stitch. I KNOW how to knit 1×1 rib in the dark with one arm tied behind my back. But with God as my witness, I swear to you I could not get the rhythm right. It was the oddest thing. Other than when I was fresh out of surgery or down with the flu and literally unable to keep my eyes open for 20 minutes at a time, I can’t tell you the last time I felt like I couldn’t knit. And on those two occasions, I didn’t WANT to knit. I wanted to sleep. This time, I wanted to escape. To let my mind wander (on a leash of course- it’s far too feeble to be trusted completely on it’s own!). To get lost in some mindless TV and find the zen that comes with “insert needle, wrap yarn, pull loop through, repeat”. This is my happy place. And it wasn’t happening. And I didn’t like it.

Luckily, I must have gotten my hands back while I slept that night because Sunday was a completely improved experience. I managed to knit close to half of the miles-long shawl collar. Might just finish this bad boy before weeks’ end. And then I can start a scarf. WHOOPEEE!

Yarn-Marathon UPdate

Yards Knit: 880

Yards Spun: 480

TOTAL yards of yarny goodness: 1360

400 yards to my first mile!


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