Can’t Blog Now

Gotta finish a sweater.

Cuz I’m close. I’m really really close.  This

Autumnal in progress

has 2 sleeves and 6+ inches of the 8″ shawl collar that will not end. I need to remeasure it tonight since the last time I check it before bed last night, I’d knit 4 rows and lost an inch so clearly something was off…  I think I need to do 3-4 more rows.

It feel like this collar has gone on for MILES. In reality, I will have knit something just this side of one mile to complete the whole sweater, but the endless rows of 1×1 rib feel like the slowest progress in the world. But I think I can finish it tonight. Assuming there isn’t too much of this.

Cuz if I finish it, I think tomorrow I will have to wear my new sweater with my sparkly accessories cuz I will, indeed, feel like a knitting queen! It’s my first sweater and I will have it finished in 33 days.


One response to “Can’t Blog Now

  1. Well done! That’s so awesome. You must take pictures.

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